Why do only ford and holden compete in V8 super car races in australia?

The quickest answer is, its what the fans want.
The foray into Group A racing which allowed the Euro cars to compete with Aussie 5 litre V8’s (cars homologated under FIA Group A rules) showed its deep unpopularity with the fans when Skaife and Richards were booed after winning Bathurst in the Skyline.

They tried a Group 3A formula that had 2litre cars racing with 5 litre cars in different classes but that didn’t bring the fans back.

It was only after the Super League debacle and the introduction of FIA V8 Supercar rules that the sport regained its current popularity.

The sport started out in Australia being on Australian manufactured cars, the V8 naturally being the most powerful engine at the time was the car/engine of choice.

As the sport grew in Australia and the rulse were relaxed, teams started bringing in international cars. Then along came the Nissan GT-R, turbocharged six, four wheel drive, four wheel steer, and it basically cleaned up won Bathurst and the season a number of years in a row.

Shortly after that they changed the rules to the effect that the cars had to be manufactured in Australia, and since the Toyota Camry is not available with a V8 engine, it is only Ford and Holden, which isn’t such a bad thing, but back in the early days it was essentially a Group N class, so you could walk in to a Ford or Holden dealership and buy the same car as they were racing on the track.

Lapin,V8 supercar motors are not built in the US. They are 5ltr motors built inhouse in Australia.The ROAD versions have US motors. As far as Holden and Ford in other racing, there are many catergories that they race in,its just that they dont get on TV ,or have the exposure or glamour of V8 Supercars.Go to a local club meet, and you will see plenty of Holdens and Fords race.

Ford Falcons & Holden Commodores are the most popular car manufactures in Australia ever since the start of the competition back in 1993.

hey dont be surprised if toyota goes to supercars shortly, they are doing great in nascar, seeing the ford and holden motors come from the states, toyota just might join the fun here as well cheers

Are they the only v8 super cars exported to austrailia? That may be why, otherwise i dont have any clue.

Easier to choose a colour… to be Blue Or Red!

In a word, “Protectionism”

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