Why do some black woman straighten then hair and wear weave?

I have been watching some vids on youtube by a guy called Jaylove47 and he speaks about how black people are destroying themselves slowly just like the white man planned.

He makes vids about relaxed hair alot; he also has vids that talks about dead beat dads, dead beat moms, going to prison, not going to…

They are trying to integrate with the white society with all this good hair bad hair nonsense which is why many of them try to destroy one of many Ancient heritages. They should keep nice braided hairstyles and have there hair natural. The Ancients were always looked down upon and they always try to find some excuse to make us not fit in. We are ancient what does it matter if we don’t fit in of course we don’t we Aren’t supposed to. Then again many of the Ancients are born with straight or curly Hair, which is why we are so diverse

I’ve never heard of black women being ashamed of wearing a weave. I’m white and i watch Tyra Banks alot, and i wish i could wear some of the hair styles she has. I wouldn’t worry about it. Someones always going to find a way to put you down no matter what you do. I think people that try to be different are beautiful, and i’ve seen some nice looking weaves. So what it’s not your real hair, i’d rather have a weave then fake boobs lol.

Mainly because of other people. If my parents and other family didn’t mind I would just let my hair grow naturally. I think older black people are brainwashed into thinking that long hair is a symbol of real beauty, when I was like 9 i used to have really naturally long hair that would go below my shoulders and my dad wouldn’t stop talking about it and people would ask me wherever I want with my mom what kind of relaxer i used, but when I was 13 it broke off and the sad part is I don’t really mind but not a day goes by when one of my parents doesn’t remind me of how long my hair used to be and ask me how could I take something like that for granted and neglect it.

I think most weaves look cheap and tacky though.

I’ve never had a perm or relaxer but I do straighten my hair with a flat iron but that is no different from what many women of all races/nationality do.

I don’t wear weave I’m fine with my hair. I wear it curly, I wear it straight, I wear it up and I wear it down and all of that has nothing to do with me wanting to be like anyone else. Variety is the spice of life and sometimes I just like to change it up.

Honestly I hate wearing weave. I think its for girls who are somewhat insecure with themselves. But that’s just my opinion ok so dont take this the wrong way. But I think natural hair is better lol. I find it very beautiful

Alot of people actually do it because straightening there hair makes it a hell of a lot easier to manage. Ive met people with afro hair and it can get very wild and crazy but if they straighten it with hair straightenrs they be doing it all day.

White Woman are the landmark of beauty, our hair is straight and blond. Notice the blond weave? Don’t forget the skin bleaching as well.

i like my hair when its straight ME i don’t care if anyone else likes it

It’s vanity.

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