Why do you make up completely different…not profiles… but identities?

Answer under a fake account if you like. I’m talking about the people who make up complete identities, marriages, families, deaths, etc.

I’m not calling anyone out, and please don’t use this post to call someone else out. I’m just trying to understand. Is it to see if you can pull it off? …

I’m too lazy and impatient to create another user so I’ll just answer under my own.

Ever since I was really little, I would always daydream. So much so, that people would make fun of me. I have ADD so maybe that’s why I constantly have my head in the clouds, IDK.

I have a great husband and wonderful kids. I don’t day dream them any different than what they are, but I daydream myself as a beautiful, successful woman. It’s fun to me. I guess my real self disgusts and bores me. I’m not a depressed person, I’m just being honest. Fortunately, I can tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

In my opinion, since this site is anonymous, people feel liberated to “be” their alter ego. No one knows any different so it is easy to pretend to be something they are not.

i have wondered that for a while now. Someone on here was do good at it that she actually made friends and everything. I couldn’t imagine how she kept up with the lies..or did we see them and just brush it off because she possibly couldn’t be lying?? This particular person went almost a year with *fooling* everyone. And ya know what?? we really didn’t get an answer to it. But then again would her answers ever be satisfying enough for us??

I really don’t understand it and don’t think I ever really will. It would be interesting if someone who does such a thing would give us a straight up answer as to what is really going through their minds and what *makes* them want to do such a thing.

My life, as is right now, has as more action than I feel i can handle at times, I just couldn’t fathom getting on a site and making up a whole life!

I have 2 accounts on Yahoo.

When I first found YA I used my other name/e-mail after a week or so I got really into YA (Imagine that), and didn’t want to switch between my family e-mail, and my games and spam e-mails. So i switched to this one. I have used this one almost ever since.

Used the other like I’ve stated before to ask a question to prove something to myself. For that question though I did not use fake information just let people assume how they wanted to assume, and it was hilarious.

I did it because I didn’t want anyone answering who “knew” me and possibly keep how they would answer in check.

Ok I lied I have used my other one 2 times. When Zorro got a hair up his butt to take on the dog section, and the time I mentioned.

I did use a fake family on that one. IDK why to be honest. I don’t think anyone has any clue how old all my kids are anyway.

Mozz, as you know, I have been trying to figure this one out as well..
DISCLAIMER: I do not qualify to answer this question ( I have ONE identity ), but I have speculated , a whole lot, about WHY some people do.

What keeps occurring to me is a universal axiom that a Buddhist friend told me a long long time ago:
when one feels as if their life is out of control, they go overboard trying to control life… and others… and I don’t care who disputes this or thumbs me down for it, but my own personal belief is that manipulation, withholding information, and just out-and-out lying is an attempt to control others… and it’s why I can’t lie.
Want me as a friend , a lover, an employee ? Well, here you go, here are all of my cards on the table. That way you can make an informed decision, take me or leave me, and if you decide that you want to walk away, I’m okay enough with me not to let it get me bent.

I do believe that some people, when they create altogether different identities, are not strong enough to handle someone walking away from them.

EDIT~~~ when one lies to another, and the other repeats the lie because they believe that it is the truth, they are also spreading a lie inadvertently, and without their own knowledge.
If you assume something about me, and I do nothing to correct your false assumption, than I am getting you to believe a lie…
now, if you tell someone else about that (insert false assumption here) Judo chick, then I am making you lie on my behalf….
It’s just wrong…………..
and I am baffled by the psyche of those who can perpetuate this by starting the lie in the first place.
Sorry Mozz, …apparently my thinking cap becomes weighty on Sundays.

I have wondered this myself. I wonder why someone would go through the trouble of making it up and then trying to remember it all and keep it all straight, seems like so much effort and work for a bunch of people you don’t even know. I have enough trouble keeping everything in my real life straight and remembering appointments, nevermind trying to be more than one person and keep it all straight.

I’d be shocked if you actually got a real answer from someone who does this but I would love to see a real answer to this question.

LOL! “why is it so awful to just be you?” lol. Cuz i have a pimple on my chin, i must create a new identity!!! DER!!

No, i think it is for people who are diagnosed as having “multiple personality disorder” some might not even realise they have done this…?

And for the normal ppl, well, Wouldnt it be nice to not have a life of looking after children/working/ just being busy in general, and be able to sit on the computer having 20 different personalities.

I don’t spend much time with the trolls so I can’t say why they act that way. Perhaps they are lonely or perhaps they have a really creative personality and this is their only outlet for it. Perhaps they wish their life was more exciting and living a fake life is good enough. Perhaps they are disturbed mentally in some way. I’m sure the reason are as varied as the fakers themselves…

On here I make it up purely to serve the joke.
Stuff like:
“Did my wife convert to Buddhism, I asked for some nookie and she said ‘what is the sound of one hand clapping’?”
And “My kid just flashed me a smile so sweet it threatened to give her cavities, where should I hide my credit cards?”

In real life I don’t have a kid or a wife. In fact it’s been so long since I’ve been laid, that I could probably qualify as a member of the Yahoo Answers Team…

I am so far out od the loop at this point. I think it must be a private chuckle of some sort. I also think that most of the ones who do it have a group who know what they are doing and get some sort of perverse pleasure out of it. I believe this because i don’t want to admit the alternative. That their lives are so empty and shallow

I’ll have to admit the idea intrigues me.
However, I have enough trouble trying to keep generated memories and real memories straight after my amnesia from head trauma in 94.
I’d go nucking futs juggling one more layer.
I do however feel it must fill some need in the human psychie because so many do it here and IRL.


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