Why doesnt the US policy toward middle east peace support the UN partician plan from 1947?

The US supported the plan in 1947, why not now?

Jerusalem one of the main blockages for peace, is internationally governed under the plan.

Additional Details
A Palestinian state is part of the 1947 agreement.

Cause plans change when the whole Mid-east basically tried to conduct the Holocaust 2 and kill all the jews. You had your cake and you wanted to eat it too, Israel kicked your *** after you try to destroy the nation and now cry unfair.

I heavily doubt it. The U.S., quite frequently by utilising it is militia, oil marketplace, covert ops and puppet dictators has comprehensive allot of injury contained interior the center East with the aid of the years. that form of injury can’t be undone in a single day. I additionally, regrettably, agree that Obama would be assassinated if he tries to alter themes too plenty too speedy. weapons producers and oil experts are unstable human beings to head. Having suggested all that. If he’d be arranged, able and allowed to purpose coping with the center East in a diplomatic and respectful way, i think of the long term consequence might desire to be all to the forged (aside from the weapons producers and oil experts). The plan might desire to ought to comprise getting the U.S. thoroughly weened from all petroleum products. now not an elementary trick to tug off.

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