Why is the Old Testament book “Song of Songs” never read in church?

Is it the allusions to premarital sex and oral sex? The only time I ever hear this read in church was when my wife and I read parts of it aloud as part of our wedding ceremony. Even then, we were told later some people didn’t know what we were reading.

Yes, the lovers in that book have sex in chapter 2 and get married in chapter 3.

It is the Hebrew version of a litany from ancient Babylonian religion which speaks of the love fest between the goddess Astarte and the god Dumuzi. In the litany, the sex act between the goddess and the god is symbolic of the fertilization of the land. In some ancient religions (not Judaism) a king or some official –or an ordinary man–would have ritual sex–sometimes in a public ritual–with a hierodule (a priestess/temple prostitute) as a magical ceremonial act to ensure the fertility of the land. This was called hieros gamos–or sacred wedding.

My old Church back in West Virginia did a 5 week series on the Song of Songs.

It doesn’t allude to either one.It speaks of a man and his wife. A Shullamite girl in love with a shepherd boy and there is no premarital sex involved.The Song of Solomon 2:7 We always read it in our meetings.

I’ve read that it’s not just the sexual stuff, but all the female-orientation. The Song of Songs has ‘woman as actor’, ‘woman as strong’, ‘woman as asking for (and getting) what she wants’, rather than ‘woman as object’, ‘woman as passive’, ‘woman as property’ or ‘woman as victim’. Worse, if you read some of the lines in a different way, the Song of Songs can suggest God as a female, and a seductive one at that…

It seems women of strength and the feminine side of God tend to threaten many in a number (NOT all) mainstream religions, so, like many Biblical verses that discuss strong women and/or female representations of God, these verses tend to be left out of general discussions in church settings.

Good for you for reading it – aside from everything else, it’s a beautiful passage of writing.

Yeah– I think it’s the sex part– it talks about breasts and lips….
I think it’s a beautiful sonnet but sadly, most church goers are not ready to accept that yes…. they really did have sex in biblical times.

Maybe if sex was discussed openly instead of treated like taboo
we wouldn’t have so many unwanted and teen pregnancies from those kids raised with religious backgrounds…..

Actually it doesn’t describe premartial sex at all. In Fact Solomon says to the woman who is begging for some premartial sex We need to wait. Let us not spoil our marraige by awaking desire before its time.

Oral sex? Do you have a problem with Oral Sex? The marraige bed is sacred and as you have already pointed out Oral sex is in the manual. You have a narrow closed bigoted mind.

You have not really read the book with an understanding of Hebrew idioms have you? Your just some little nut job trying to find fault.

the book starts with courtship to marraige to the honeymoon to conflict and conflict resolution and ends with a commitment for life. You just have a irritatingly small mind.

And We not only read the book but did a four week in depth study on it as a Marraige manual for couples. Grow up.

I think that it has to do with the fact that most people‚Äôs introduction of sex came through some form of “NO! NO!” and therefore it’s hard to read it without the human mind in all it’s folly to be blessed by it INSTEAD OF running ahead in the carnality of sensuality.


i have heard that even the jews would not let a young man read the book until he was of age to be a man. it is a very sexual book in the jewish faith and viewed as best read in private. for the same reasons many churches do not preach about hell, it is not the image of the judeo christian god one likes to reflect upon the pulpit. how controlled, to preach of an infinite gods love, yet pick and choose from that deities blue prints to comfort the church and its students. least they would drive people off and decrease the funding in the collection plates.

It has not one thing to with sex. That is probably why most churches do not get into it…they are like you..too carnal minded to understand it. It is a beautiful Book about Jesus and his true people, the bride of Christ.
Your carnal mind does miss all the beauty of the Holy Word of God.

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