Why, stupidly, everyone that criticizes Israel is labelled as ‘anti-Semitic’?

Don’t you know that we understand there is a difference between Israel and Jews, and even there are Jewish anti-Israel groups?? Haven’t you seen them on TV in London? condemning Israeli crimes in front of the Israeli embassy???

The definition of someone who is ‘antisemitic’ has narrowed over the years. It used to be used to describe those that wanted to kill Jews, denied the Holocaust and found Jewish conspiracies in everything that went wrong.
Now, it seems if you simply disagree with anything regarding Israeli policy you are considered anti-Semitic.

No, that’s not the case as some of the harshest criticism about Israel comes from within. Just read the English version of Ha’aretz. It’s fine to criticize Israel when it does wrong and that should be done any time it does the wrong thing, but: 1. Why is Israel singled out for criticism but its neighbors are often overlooked by critics of Israel when far worse human rights’ violations take place there? 2. Isn’t it odd when someone who has never supported human rights before, has no ties to the Middle East, becomes an ardent critic of Zionism and suddenly Pro-Palestinian? Hmmmmmm….why wasn’t this sympathy extended to other oppressed groups?

Yes, there is a difference between Israel and Jews, and even there are Jewish anti-Israel groups. Also there is Israelis Jews anti-Israel.

I don’t label everyone that is against Israel an Anti Semite, but many of them I do, and many of them are. I look at the issues involved before I make a decision. Hell many of them aren’t Anti Semitic, they are Imbecilic Band Wagon Groupies, that have no idea about the “Real Truth” , and just follow people blindly.

I don’t know who you are but many people do not make the differentiation and if you look carefully at the demonstrations in Europe you will see that many of the slogans are patently anti-Semitic. I agree that sometimes it is an argument used against criticism of Israel but if you check academic research, it will show that many of the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist publications are in fact anti-Semitic, in particular those of Islamic origin.

Most are. The groups you mention in London number in the tens. Should we not label everyone who supports Hamas as a terrorist sympathizer! Split hairs if you wish, but don’t deny the truth.

Like Mike said, most of the posters don’t stop at attacking Israel. They go right on to all Jews.

Because there are larger wars going elsewhere that nobody cares about.

And most of the sentiments seem to include hatred of the Jews.

Aversion tactics when their argument is weak.

To shut people up.

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