Wiccan/Witches etc…………?

Do you prefer solitary or coven practice?

What have some of your experiences been with covens?

Solitary! Covens are OK, though sometimes there can be power play in there. -Uh- Wicca is not just one path, but many and there are many ways to worship as well, all of them are personal to the person who is conducting the rituals/worship! My path is eclectic. Druid, Celtic, American Indian mix. I am also a 1st degree Correllian Priestess and am studying for my 2nd degree!

I prefer Coven practice. I was solitary for quite some time and while I enjoyed it very much, I also wanted the fellowship that comes from being in a Coven. That being said, a Coven is absolutely NOT necessary. And it can be tough to find one that works for you. I am actually the High Priestess for the Coven of the Crystal Moon and it is one of the most rewarding things in my life. I live in a very closed-minded area, so it’s more than nice to have like-minded people to work and socialize with. Our Coven is like an extended family and that’s very nice. It’s also really nice to have people to celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats with and to study with. It’s not always easy, we do have disagreements and the such. Sometimes people who join don’t fit in well with some members or they realize that they have different beliefs than us and they leave or try to change things, which can cause problems. But on the whole, it has been/is one of the best things in my experience.

I prefer solitary, but I am also part of a group. This group, however is not a coven, just like-minded women. We are actually all solitary, but will do some rituals together, without using a specific pantheon and without a High Priestess.

A coven usually has a particular pantheon (around here mostly Celtic – and that’s just not me) and a set way of doing things. Maybe I am too eclectic for that, maybe having everything set in stone reminds me too much of church. There have been problems in some covens that I am aware of and I don’t want to be part of the politics or power struggles within.

I am Asatru but used to be Eclectic Pagan. For certain things, I prefered to work on my own but having a coven of friends and like-minded people is a great experience. Because of the type of person I am, I don’t respond well to rigid hierarchy so the 2 covens I belonged to had a soft leadership so I really enjoyed both experiences.

Best advice I can give before even embarking on a serch for a coven/group with which to practice, make sure you have enough time to commit to it because others will count on you to be there/do your part. Also, once found, never, ever, lose your critical thinking abilities. And it’s not because so and so has High Priestess in front of their name that they know everything. Far from it. Always remain true to yourself and follow your instincts if something smells fishy.

I’m a witch in that I practice magic – although I am not Wiccan as I do not worship as a Wiccan does.

I feel magic is more for an individual use while covens are more for Wiccan worship as a group (they many or may not use magic, but mostly they do). I do not use magic for worship. However, the Runes may be cast to determine if a god or goddess will accept your offering when you offer one – I feel the use of Runes is magical no matter the purpose. But any sign – patterns in a fire, the way the mead moves, etc. can tell you if a god is in good spirits with you and your offering. This is done with a group if the offering is done with one, but the actual magic is left to an individual that practices it.

I would really like to find an appropriate coven, but until that happens I prefer to be solitary. My experience with group work is that they vague everything up so as to encompass everyone’s beliefs. While its embracing, I’ve never found it spiritually helpful. I want a group where we worship the same deities, not where we all worship different deities at the same time. That, to me, negates the point of working in a group to begin with.

I do both. At times, it can be so refreshing to join with like minds toward a common goal. The coven I work with encourages both and I prefer it that way. We all become our own priests/priestesses anyhow so we learn to work on our own and how to join together. Our coven gathers every year for a camping trip/retreat and it is an AMAZING experience.

I am a solitary practitioner .. Id love to join a coven but havent found one local and that shares my views..

several of my friends practice and agree that there are too many different views to group up.

I’m Heathen but I’ll answer *G*
Heathenism revolves around community and family. Obviously we all aren’t lucky enough to HAVE a kindred but if it’s possible, it highly recommended. It gives an entire different dimension to the faith. And…well it only makes sense. It’s what the religion is about.
I have a kindred that I practice holidays with and I have group of random pagans that I do stuff with a well. As far as anything solitary, I have offerings to the ancestors and small blots when I feel the need with offerings to wights. It’s a mix of it all I suppose.

As a member of a coven, I work solitarily over 99% of the time.

A good coven, within a trad, is a great thing.

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