Inner/upper thigh fat & calf fat?

Hi. I’m 5’1 and a half & 103 pounds. I have a lot of inner thigh fat on my upper thighs, like they rub together. Also I have calf fat (mostly on the top area of my calves). Then I have this tiny little waste & arms. I HATE it. Exercises that can help me lose that fat & get down to 98 pounds? Thanks<3 I…

You’re going to have to lose wayyy more if you want your thighs to stop touching or get slimmer, 5 pounds isn’t really that much, just run like I do. (: Although you need to have alot of determination which people lack.

Muscle burns no less than four times as many calorie consumption as fat does, so try twenty minutes of strength straining two to three times a week.

Distracted dining is certain to get you in trouble. Avoid eating facing a television or in a movie theater, as you’re bound to use up more calories.

take in three fewer bites of the meal

Begin examining in fitness/nutrition ebooks

Natural applesauce is a wonderful dip for fruits such as bananas and melons.

Take every probability to move around, even in smaller ways. Studies show fidgety people tend to be skinnier.

You might do better to replace an occasional dinner that has a nice roll in the crecen. Healthy sex may help control the number of food you eat and it can be great exercise.

Take every possibility to move around, even in tiny ways. Studies show fidgety people are typically skinnier.

ingest mineral water with no polished all kinds of sugar

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