RHH: Make up your own, Hip-Hop related, things to do before you die wish list…..?

Of things you wish could happen before you die.


1). Meet Pete Rock.
2). Produce a hip-hop album similar to that of The Chronic by Dre (do some rapping and have tons of guest appearances).
3). See Kanye West somewhere random and trip him.
4). See Jay-Z somewhere random and tap him on the shoulder and…

I love your number 9, I want to hear the same thing.

And I’d like to meet my favorite rappers, and becoming a good producer would be nice and do tracks with my favorite rappers.

1. Produce an album.
2. Meet Lupe Fiasco.
3. Meet The Pharcyde.
4. Meet Lil Wayne..just to see what he does on a daily basis.
5. Buy every underground hip hop album.

1.Meet Vinnie Paz
2. Put out a mixtape
3. Get signed
4. have at least one fan lmao
5. Meet someone from Y!A RHH, preferable Cyde or Numblungz

1. Meet TLC
2. Produce a couple of songs. I would love to sample some old soul music.

Let Everyone Know Gucci Mane is GOAT..jk

and shoot cops from my car screaming Thug Life

ima go out like a G

1. Meet Elzhi
2. Meet Talib Kweli
3. Meet Mos Def
4. Meet the Roots.

6. Every song sucks on the countdown and mainstream sucks too

Only have 1 thing.Ether Jay-Z agian to make his camel looking *** crying again

1. Kill Truly in his sleep
than hip hop order will be restored

ima have two strikes
get arrested and flip
scream thug life and empty the clip.
get shot by the police.

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