Any tips for a 22 year old female needing to buy a used car?

I have until end of January to purchase a used car. I only have $1500 saved up. I may have around $3000 at that time of purchase.

I don’t make much, probably about $381 to $481 every two weeks, so $760-870 a month.
With holidays approaching, my job will give us days off, so I won’t make much then…

Dealers asking price is over blue book because they expect a person to haggle!
NEVER pay sticker price!

If the car you want is 5k and the blue book is 4200 offer 3800 for example.
STICK to your price, they want to sell and you have many many MANY options they only have you the one customer it is a buyers market.
Bring your dad with you or another older male because dealers WILL use your youth and naivety in their favor. Be CERTAIN to test drive the car before making an offer, Pop that hood take a clean napkin of paper towel and check the oil put a bit of the oil on your fingetip and look for metal flakes if you see sparkly metal flakes it means there is internal damage and you do not want that car.

Remember you are buying a used car so when you do take it for a test drive don’t expect it to be a rocket, when you do buy your car treat it well don’t speed off at the light flooring the pedal just beats on the car. Get that oil changed every 5k, 3k is overkill in my opinion unless you do alot of stop and go city driving.
Keep the tank at least a quarter full of fuel so you don’t suck sludge into the engine from the bottom of the gas tank.

Remember go in there with your head up speak assertively and stick to your guns if they will not sell the car at your price WALK and go to another dealership, it is a BUYERS MARKET. Look that term up so you understand what I mean.

Since you don’t qualify for a loan (lack of income, for starters), you best do the private seller route and see what $3000 gets you.

It’s almost ludicrous that broke people think they can buy cars on the cheap and expect a trouble-free ride.

Join a credit union they usually have the best rates on loans. with your income being so low I would set a budget of 6-7K on a used car. Your payment should be around $150-$200 a month. Also check your credit score if you have been paying on your credit card? your credit score might be better than you think.

The best advice I can give is research how car buying is done & what to look out for from the crooks that sell cars.There are some honest ones out there but finding them is going to be tough.The web sites I’ve listed should get you started in the right direction.Good luck!!

id try craigslist but take a guy friend with you that knows about cars to check it out with you, i flipped cars for a while and found some great in-expensive ones on craigslist so give that a try

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