Are brazilians like mexicans? I mean latinos or hispanics?

Iam from sweden by the way, but have lived in america (USA) for 5 years now.
I ask because I know a girl that says she’s from brazil and she says her race
is white but to me she looks like a Mexican and brown, all her friends are the same,
but she showed me her passport and she is brazilian, and in race it…

Depends on what you consider brown. Obama is brown, Oprah is brown, coconuts are brown and chocolate is brown. “Latinas” like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Eva Mendez are not brown. Only a dumb retarded can look them and say “Their color is brown. Brown like a chocolate”. Brown is Brown. Only black people is considered brown. Even if a white is pale as a paper sheet he must to call brown only the blacks and I’m sure that you never seen any white as white as a paper sheet. So…

These three women are not whites but are not brown, of course. They are mixed white+native indian.

Upon Brazilians, when a Brazilian classify some person as white, this person is white. We are not a bunch of morons who uses a different criteria. Whites are whites in any place of the Earth. I really don’t know what your school teach you about white race but white race is caucasian (from Caucasus) not somebody who looks like Santa Claus or Hilary Clinton (who are not white, but, red).

If this Brazilian girls look like Gisele, Alessandra Ambrósio, Tony Kanaan, Bob Burnquist or any other white Brazilian, she is white and everybody must to accept this FACT. Only a retarded can say these persons are not whites.

I see a lot of guys (mainly from USA and UK) saying about some ‘latinos’ “she/he don’t look white. At least, for me”. But these same morons treat as white person who look like “latinos” only due to the fact they are “americans” or Brittons. Two weight and two stupid measures.

Learn this: Brazil is a diverse country. As diverse or more diverse as USA is. We Brazilians are the result of immigranton from more than 50 different nations including Sweden and USA what is not America. Everey Brazilian is a descendant of any other nation. There’s no Brazilian people like greek people or chinese people. Most Brazilians families had no interracial marriage. So, a Portuguese remains Portuguese, an Italian remains Italian, a German remais a German, etc. after many generations. In other words: I DON’T KNOW WHAT RETARD HAS INVENTED THAT WE ARE MIXED!. Some 40% is mixed. The rest is pure black, pure Asiatic, pure indian or pure white.

I Invite you to learn something about Brazilians visiting my Youtube channel. This is a specific list about races:…

And this is my channel:…

omg…first of all what do you mean typical brown mexican?? thats kind of harsh…second Im brazilian and Im “brown” or dark skinned how ever you want to call it..and no the mexicans are not like brazilians…there is a huge culture difference..and not to mention the language..the only thing we have in common is that we are latinos…and just so you don’t stereotype on any latino next time, latinos now a days are mixed with almost any race from around the world…some are mixed with asians, some with middle eastern, some from europe..etc…so you cant just say “oh he’s “brown” so he must be a typical brown mexican”, thats not right, there are mexicans as well as central americans and south americans that are “brown”, white, asian,black, you name it….I really do hate people that are ignorant..sorry but its true

Brazilians had been colonized via the PORTUGUESE Other nations in Latin America had been colonized via the SPANISH Portugal and Spain are close every different however VERY unique Brazilians had Germans , Portuguese , Africans (Angolans) , Native Americans and others combined in combination for a long time They ARE Latin seeing that Portuguese is a Latin language (or has it is roots in it) and they have got a few Portuguese ancestry however they’re NOT Hispanic seeing that they have got little connection to Spanish (even though many similarities too)

well maybe because Amerinidans lived in the Amazon rain forest and are brown and related to other Amerindians in the Americas like Mexicans, and Eskimos. Also if you have a problem with Mexicans then just mouth off to one of them and tell them that there Typical Brown Mexicans women suck. LOL……

Wow idiots of the world.

Mexican is a nationality NOT a race Im a light skin Mexican American and most of my relatives look white since we carry mostly European blood and I have other Mexicans friends who are brown and some even Black so stop stereotyping.Second Brown is not a race…

are americans like chinese ? cause I saw an american she looked like she is chinese ,I´m not mexican, I´m spaniard ( from Spain ) and white ,and mexican is not a race nor hispanic , it´s a term being used wrong to call hispanophones , do you call asian to a black english speaking pearson even if there are asian english speaking people ? it has no sense ,,

I’d consider her latina though, like the other poster said, not hispanic because Brazilians in fact speak Portuguese.

Maybe she can be mixed, but “brown” people from Mexico are very different from “brazilian browns”.

Firstly, brazil has very different rules regarding racial classification…rules which generally aren’t followed in the rest of the world. In Brasil, most people consider themselves White, even though, like you said, many Brasilians are Brown and look NOTHING like White people anywhere else in the world.

Anyway, Brasilians are generally considered Latino but not Hispanic, since Hispanic specifically means “Spanish Speaking” and Brasilians aren’t Spanish Speaking

she is considered multiracial (brown skin) not white, but if she says she is white….well…i guess …who knows…

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