Do illegal immigrants receive better healthcare than some U.S. citizens?

Often people cite illegal immigrants as being the cause for the poor or middle class receiving substandard healthcare. They argue that illegal immigrants suck up valuable healthcare resources that would otherwise go to Americans. Perhaps this is the case, I don’t know, but can someone explain to me to what…

My aunt had to wait an hour so her daughter could get some shot she required for school at the community clinic and that clinic didnt even have room they just hung up curtains to divide the sections. long wait and it was hot

she tried the hospital but they said she couldnt get service
I heard they only get to go to hospitals for emrgencies only

For the middle class, no. People are stretching the point too far to be credible.

For the poor, maybe.

Poor illegal aliens (vs a middle class illegal alien with health insurance) do compete for medical resources with poor Americans – usually via emergency rooms, which is where the danger comes in.

Taking in any non-paying patients costs hospitals money. There’s no incentive to expand a hospital large enough to accomodate poor patients via the emergency room. As a result, patients spend extra time occupying a room in the emergency care section after initial treatment waiting for a bed to become available in the regular in-patient part of the hospital. If a patient is occupying a room in the emergency section, then it means a longer wait in the emergency room for other patients since there’s no place to available to look at them.

Not only is there no incentive to expand, there’s actually some incentive to keep emergency room waits long. If the wait is long enough, some of the patients will decide they’re not sick enough to spend their entire day sitting around an emergency room and go home. Long waits reduce the number of poor patients using the emergency room because they can’t afford to schedule an appointment with a regular doctor for a non-urgent condition.

To be honest, most of those that go home probably could have treated themselves with some tylenol, bed rest, and lots of liquids. Doctors too often hand out a prescription for penicillin just because some overwrought mom demands that the doctor do something for her precious kid, and we’re paying the price for that attitude in more antibiotic resistant strains of diseases.

Still, at least a few of those that need some urgent treatment (both illegal alien and American citizen) wind up being denied care or have their care delayed too long (once in a while, you have someone die in the emergency room waiting room).

The rule that does not allow middle class getting health care for free or better has nothing to do with immigration or immigrants.

Even if all the illegal immigrants were gone, Americans with a higher income above the poverty level still no able to apply for benefits.

The sheriff in my county, says that the problem with illegal aliens is not that they are undocumented, on the contrary they have too many documents, different names , different addresses, different #SS,different driver’s licenses, which is of course illegal. When they go to hospitals some use one of their aliases, when they get a bill , is returned to sender.

Nine private hospitals have been losing millions of dollars due to the influx of uninsured patients and those covered by Medi-Cal …

“We don’t have the luxury of failing,” said Jim Lott, executive director of the Hospital Association of Southern California …. “If we see even one of these hospitals close, it will have a dramatic ripple effect on the whole health system. It would make a horrible situation even worse.”

The August closure of the 48-bed emergency room at Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital in Willowbrook was the tipping point of a long-simmering problem, Lott said. Four other hospitals or emergency rooms have closed in the last five years, forcing patients in some of the poorest areas near Hawthorne, Gardena and El Segundo into already-crowded hospitals that have had to absorb about 100,000 additional emergency room visits each year.

These areas are all highly occupied illegal alien havens and due to this fact their emergency rooms had to close because they were using them like the local pharmacy for everything from a cough and cold to a skinned knee.

Having discussed this with hospital administrators, I can assure you that illegal aliens DO get better health care than American citizens, DO get special treatment, and DON’T pay a penny. As a result, Americans receive less treatment, wait longer, and pay more than the actual cost of care.

Hospitals are required to provide care for those who cannot pay, but if it is an illegal alien, they know they will have to justify everything they do to consular officials, who will complain and coerce, and to “immigrant rights” (i.e. illegal alien lobbying organizations) groups who demand this, that & the other. And illegal aliens somehow manage to get demanding lawyers who threaten to sue over every last little thing until the illegal alien gets everything they want.

They cannot release a patient until they are sure that the patient will receive any necessary follow-up care. All the illegal has to do is complain that such care is not available in his country (whether that is true or not), or complain they cannot afford medical supplies, etc. One hospital gave an illegal alien over $1 Million in supplies — hospital bed, sheets, clothing, prescription drugs, etc — to a drunk driver who killed an entire family and lost a leg himself, just to get him out of the hospital where he stayed for over a year. He insisted his family in Mexico could not care for him, but a brother (another illegal) in another state would care for him if they got him a bigger apartment, the bed, etc. A year’s care in the hospital was over a million, and it was cheaper to give him what he wanted just to get him out of there.

All they have to do is say they cannot pay — end of story. The hospital knows they cannot collect. The person can always slip over the border and they can’t get him.

With Americans and legal immigrants, they will put a lien on your house, garnishee wages, anything whatsoever to get you pay & keep paying until the bill is paid in full.

Of course, your hospital bill is composed of: over 1/4 of the bill is “cost-shifting” (what the illegal aliens did not pay), another 1/4 is administrative costs (billing insurance companies and patients, etc.), and less than 1/2 is the actual cost of your care.

Incidentally, the Dems bandy about figures like “47 million Americans without insurance.” Actually over 30 million uninsured are illegal aliens, recent immigrants, and their children (some illegal & some of whom are actually “identity theft babies,” not anchor babies).

have to been to an ER lately.. I have asthma but if I go to Er with an athma attack, I may sit there for 12-13 hours waiting to been seen.. while an illegal immigrant comes in with a hang nail and is seen immediately. I have to prove my insurance before I am seen and if it’s not life and death, I am sent home.. they don’t have insurance but they are seen anyway.

If I need to have something like CT or surgery like gall bladder surgery and I have no insurance.. since it’s not life and death, I have to prepay that.. Illegals get all these services up front even though everyone knows they will NOT pay for them.. If I needed a heart transplant and I could not afford it and had no insurance, I would not even be put on the organ registry.. I would die.. An illegal would be not only put on the registry but probably get first choice over the American on top. Transplants cost millions of dollars.. who do you think pays for this… NOt them… us.. I pay for them who is illegal to be here and get these services that I a legal taxpayer can’t even get..

When my wife was in the hospital, the woman next to her was illegal. She got the same treatment absolutely free, including a government program that pays for diapers and food for the first year. I paid $4000 out of pocket, plus $300 per month for insurance and I pay for our own food and diapers. We live in a good area, and I am sure the treatment in this hospital is better than in other communities. The woman told my wife she dislike the US and plans to return to Mexico in 6 months.

I don’t see how that would happen- if you have money and/or good insurance then you can afford the best care, if you don’t you get less of a quality healthcare (or none at all.) I would think that if they are illegal they do not have the money or insurance (in most cases) to afford good healthcare. And they go to a county hospital, well- try to go there to see how things look (I’ve seen it in Cook County hospital in Chicago.)

Do you have any idea how many hospitals in border states have closed after treating illegals for free? Once they close you have fewer resources available for citizens.

Not better, cheaper.

Because Hospitals are forced to follow federal and local regulations and CAN’T Turn them away even if they can’t pay.

But insurance companies who eat that cost and pass it on to us are allowed to deny and prevent patient care.

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