Do republican understand separation of church and state?

In some states you can’t hold office if you are atheist??

Republicans are rather dim-witted when it comes to history. They do not understand that when the Christian religion and government worked together it resulted in the Inquisitions. The founding fathers of the USA did not want to repeat that mistake, so they formed a SECULAR republic with religions and government separated.

If you ever bother to read the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, you will see these words:
“Congress shall pass no law with respect to religion”.
People have interpreted that as the so called Separation of Church and State but that isn’t what it says.
There is nothing there to prevent any religion from influencing government any way it wishes. They could have their own political party or donate campaign to any candidate.

The fundamental reason for this line in the Constitution was that King George dictated that the Anglican Religion was the official religion in the American Colonies. That didn’t sit well with various religions that escaped persecution in the British Isles. That pretty much included all religions as all of them were persecuted there at one time or another.
Jews escaping the Spanish Inquisition landed in New York City when the Dutch ruled the Island of Manhattan and the Hudson up to the Mohawk River. They wanted to settle there. Peter Styvenson refused them but just in case, he wrote to the bosses of the Dutch West Indies company for a second opinion. They were his superiors. They wrote back that they were a commercial company, not a government and needed more settlers and the Jews should be allowed to live there That was well before the English took control of the territory.
There was a certain amount of religious intolerance in the colonies prior to the Revolution as most colonies were created by religious groups. The only colony that allowed complete religious freedom from the beginning was Pennsylvania even though they were primarily a religious colony as well.
I doubt there is a formal law in any state that prevents anyone from holding a state office due to their religion. It could be an informal rule but any formal law could be challanged in court and thrown out.

You’re right–the voters won’t elect you because they don’t know where you stand. As for separation of Church and state, let’s do away with the 10 Commandments, so anyone can execute you whenever they want, I can steal your money and property, and lie about it after. Actually, those are the bases for people living together to get along. Let’s have anarchy instead.

The tea party doesn’t understand, but some republicans do. And what states cant you hold office if you’re atheist?

Edit: just looked that up…wow my home state bans it….talk about intolerant

Edit again: turns out there was a supreme court ruling that made that unconstitutional.

I understand that the constitution protects from government interference with religion, and I understand that the USA is not a secular republic, but in no state is there a law (nor could there be) indicating that a politician must be a certain religion to hold office.

You = liberal = liar scum

A significant number of Republicans want to merge the two.

Santorum thinks god’s law should be the law of the land. The right wants a theocracy.

I’d give you 16 trillion thumbs up if I could Whoa

It is becoming increasingly essential that life is found on another planet!

Atheist usually play that card to justify their sexual pervertions.

i would rather vote for a normal christian than for a homosexual atheist.

Of course they don’t.

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