Do you think Dale SR. would have been a Nascar Analyst if he had not passed away?

Most Defiantly!!!!

Heck yeah it brings greater suitable than only tears. He substitute into between the superb, and because his passing NASCAR has in no way been the comparable. the incredibly some ameliorations have been solid others not so solid. I firmly have faith that if he substitute into nonetheless here as we communicate Toyota does not be in NASCAR. yet I additionally ponder whether the safer obstacles could be in place. I additionally ponder whether the cot could be in use. i will’t describe how lots my spouse and that i omit huge E. He substitute right into a hell of a driving force. Hell of a father, and between the main being concerned individual in motor activities. yet I additionally think of that we as followers might desire to bear in concepts this, and pass on. That i think of is what he might choose. He substitute right into a driving force and that’s what drivers do. Hero’s are remembered, yet Legends in no way die. nicely Sr, substitute into the two he will continuously be bear in concepts via the followers. And the legend of The Intimidator will stay for ever. final lap, final turn, final genuine Hero.

I doubt it, the guys on the Nascar shows are scripted for what they can say, I heard one of the TV analyst on Sirius Nascar Radio say yes they are pretty much told what they can say. (yep he is not on there any more) Dale Sr liked to speak his mind, and unfortunately they can’t do that on TV. He probably could get by with it on MRN but not TV.. He would be running DEI, and I bet Dale Jr would have a championship by now.

G 88, 29, 2 in 2011

Who knows, but I honestly don’t think so. I just don’t think he would have liked to be any kind of announcer, or commentator. I believe after he retired as a driver, he would have been enjoying a private life back on his farm, or running his own NASCAR team full time.

No, I think he’d be more like Richard Petty and maybe own a team and work behind the scenes. I don’t think he would’ve been an analyst.

I don’t think so. I can’t picture Dale hanging out in the booth with a suit and tie for 4 hours. He’d be busy running his race team(s),hunting, and enjoying the good life.

I do not think Dale Sr would have been a announcer.

Sports car racing. He said that he would retire in 01 or 02. After that he would run a corvette team under the DEI umbrella. He wanted to compete in sebring and le mans.

He would probably be running DEI, but I could see him helping out, filling in for someone and he would of been good too. RIP Dale.

No an analyst… but he would be a good commentator….would bring life to the booth.

Honestly I don’t think so. Even though he was always in the spot light I really think he liked his private time. He’d probably be working for Childress in the R&D side of things or maybe a driver coach.

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