Favorite football team?

Who is your favorite football team?


The San Francisco 49ers!
Growing up I was raised with the 49ers as they started their dynasty.
As a young kid I grew up in Redwood City and lived near their headquarters which was in Redwwod City before they left for Santa Clara.

Just the names of Bill Walsh, Joe Montana Ronnie Lott, Freddie Solomon, Dwight Clark, Jesse Sapolu, and then later with Jerry Rice and Steve Young and so many more awesome players who wore the scarlet and gold.

The 49ers were the model organization back in the 80’s and are rising once again.

The 1st team to win 5 Super Bowls and soon to be the 1st to start on the other hand with our 6th ring!

Much respect to the other teams, but to this fan. The Niners will always be the the best.

NFL Cleveland Browns
College Florida State

New England Patriots


Da Bears

Dallas Cowboys

New England Patriots

New England Patriots

Jets, first football game i ever saw Jets destroyed the broncos then lost 10 games later that season so I’m an underdog lover.

Denver Broncos

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