He got into a car accident….?

My boyfriend got into a car accident yesterday, before he came to come pick me up to go out for my birthday…he is in critical condition and theyre not allowing visitors. i feel so guilty, if it werent for me he would be sitting home perfectly fine now, but no, he is sitting in the hospital with who knows whats…

It didnt happen because of you, dont blame yourself. This was going to happen to him, weather he was coming to see you, or going to the videa store. The guy upstairs had a hand in this, and he knows the reason. When I was 17, my boyfriend at the time, was in a serious accident. The guy he was with was killed. He had a reallly hard time with it. You need to not blame yourself and be there for him and his recovery. He will need you to be strong and you need to pull it together.

I’m so sorry. It’s not your fault – accidents happen all the time. You can’t blame yourself. Keep calling his family to check on him and ask them to let him know that you’re thinking about him. Ask the family if there is anything you can do for them while they are sitting at the hospital (bring them meals, etc..) I hope he gets better soon.

first off, let me smack you around a little and knock some sense into you. how the heck can it be your fault? unless if you paid the other driver to plow into your boyfriend. and you say if it weren’t for you he’d be sitting at home perfectly fine. how do you know he wouldn’t have been out with someone else having a good time, or hanging with his buds?

Was he in a hurry to pick you up? Does he normally drive reckless.

Anyways… Its not your fault. Just go to the police station & get a accident report. Its open to the public I believe. Maybe a small fee.

How can it be your fault? The fault is with who or what caused the accident. If you stopped doing things just in case of the risk you’d never do anything at all.

You can’t live your life like that. You make the best choices at the time and that’s all you can do. You can’t live afraid of things that might happen. That doesn’t mean you can live like there are no risks, just that you can’t beat yourself up with things out of your control.

i had a boyfriend who died 3 yrs ago in a car accident he was coming to get me. it took me time to realize this but it was his time. god had our life and death mapped out for us before we were a twinkle in our fathers eyes. if it werent for the car accident it could of been he choked or fell of a ladder,,,,,it could of been anything. just no it wasnt you this is what was meant to be…..i hope the best

it’s not your fault, your boyfriend was coming over to pick you up because he loves you and wanted to spend time with you.

Keep him in your prayers and hope for the best

It is sooo not your fault so stop beating yourself up over it. Hang in there girl!

if he stayed at home, maybe a tree would have fell on the house.

What I mean by this, is what happens-happens and was meant to be.

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