Help with puppy that bites toddlers?

My 5-month-old Pitbull puppy gets very excited when children come into the house and chases after and bites toddlers, jumping up and grabbing the sleeve of their shirt. He is wagging his tail, play bowing, and is obviously just trying to make friends, but doesn’t understand that the toddler doesn’t…

Hi ~ . White Tiger . ~
Anyone who has had a pit bull knows that they just love to jump up and down and are highly affectionate. And the fact they love licking and kissing you.They also love to be around people. One major obstacle when asking a question about pit bulls is the amount of bad press they get and they are discriminated against.

They are a very misunderstood breed and need lots of attention but having said that when they are trained into a set routine you will find a major difference in his behaviour. And there will be no need for a muzzle when he has been shown what the boundaries are. And to be honest a dog should not have a muzzle in my opinion if they do then that is just showing everyone that your dog can’t be trusted and with what you have said i am sure you trust your dog just like I trust mine.

Give training that is aimed at the pit bull breed and i can assure you, you will never look back.

Pit bulls can be great family pets and completely loyal when trained properly and will protect you and yours. To make a point here and not to tread on any ones toes but there are other large sized dogs that can be just as difficult if not trained correctly.

So in a nut shell your pit bull will always be a loyal companion just give him this type of training and prove everyone wrong. Do it for your dog,for yourself and for the likes of me as well, who owns dogs.
Because there is to much bad hype over pit bulls and a lot of myths about them, they are and can be great pets.

Anyway hope i have helped in some way.

Kindest regards and best wishes. gerry ( john)

Wait, whose dog is this? Are you living with your mother? Why did you get the dog if she feels this way?

This dog is in the wrong hands! You can’t own a breed that you hate and don’t understand! That’s how bad things happen, you aren’t doing the breed any favors.

If you knew the breed, you’d spell it right; It’s Pit Bull. Two words.

You asked where you can socialize the dog with children, yet you said yourself there are small children already at the training classes you take the dog to. So I don’t get what your question is?

You need to teach bite inhibition to this puppy. If you have “extensive knowledge” of the breed, you wouldn’t be asking strangers online, you’d research it yourself.

You need to correct him firmly for inappropriate behavior around the children. You also need to correct the children and teach them appropriate behavior around dogs.

If you can’t or won’t do both of those things, then crate (or confine) the dog when children are there.

If the dog bites a child because you are unable or unwilling to handle the matter, the dog will pay with its life.

You socialize the dog by having it around children on leash or in a crate so that it gets used to the sight and sounds but is unable to interact directly. If this is your mother’s dog and she is unwilling to learn, there’s not much you can do but the dog, sadly, will end up paying for her ignorance and stubbornness. And, a child will also most likely pay a terrible price.

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Want to know my honest opinion?

The problem isn’t with training or socialization or your level of experience. The problem is that YOU opted to bring a “pit bull” into a home where it CLEARLY isn’t wanted – and a home with breed discriminators to boot.

If this puppy lacks socialization and/or develops behavioral problems due to how it is treated, then it is NOT mom’s fault – IMO it’s yours for forcing these two to live with one another. The puppy should NEVER have been sold to you in this situation, and you never should have said “screw it” to your mother’s feelings on the subject.

And if you want this puppy to succeed and thrive, you’re going to either have to move OUT of the house (away from your mother) or you should re-home it to a house where it won’t be hated, thrown in the crate at every opportunity, muzzled for no reason, and yelled at.

Whole situation is on you.

That’s my honest opinion.

Make sure your puppy still knows the rules regardless of who is over. Pitbulls are awesome dogs but you don’t want them biting out of fear when they are older. Try taking him to a dog park where he can get used to new people dogs and sounds. Introduce him to many different people. your mom may just have to stay in one room while your in another with the kids and puppy. Try showing her that pit bulls aren’t the killer breed everyone believes. Show her different research and statistics and maybe she’ll calm down about the breed.

Op’s ignorance and burying of head in sand makes my head hurt.

The dog is becoming aggressive and making excuses for your ill trained unsocialized dogs behavior by blaming every one but yourself for the dog’s bad behavior. You strike as one of those pet owners who will claim you never saw it coming or blame every one but yourself when the dog bites some one.

Your dog is a ticking time bomb and you are just making excuses for it. I doubt you are working with any kind of trainer or behaviorist given all your excuses.

You claim to be working with the dog but its still biting at kids and its only a matter of time before its hurts a child and you get sued for it and the dog pays the ultimate price

Pitbulls are a very strong (physically and mentally) breed and not for inexperienced owners. Doesn’t sound like you’ve had any experience training this breed. Contact a behavior specialist that has extensive knowledge of the breed.

You need to teach your puppy the right way to meet and greet people of all ages. Teach the pup from a young age to sit-stay so that he can be petted.
He needs to be slowly introduced to new situations, sounds, distractions and people so that he won’t be excited after awhile.

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