Hillary Clinton is leaving for Afghanistan to fight corruption. Do you feel her past with Bill will help this?



Clinton’s visit comes with American lawmakers increasingly questioning the course of the war as the death toll of U.S. and international forces rises and also expressing concerns about corruption and the utility of massive…

Yes, like in the movie Catch Me If You Can.
it takes a thief to foil a thief…..


God Bless America

She learned a lot about being a criminal during the Whitewater and commodities trading scam she engineered.

No and I hope she’s prosecuted for her Brown Act violations when the council meets.

Her anguish over the injustice prevents her from sleeping at night and pigs are flying outside my window

lol, if she has had a change of heart. let her crusading start with her own party and clean up the DEMOCRATS

Her own POTUS election was fraught with 0bamaites thugging their way intimidating her voters.~~~~~~~~~More than 2000 complaints


it will certainly give her a leg up against obama in the 2012 primaries


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