How can I convince my mom to let me drive?

So I have my drivers license and a car, but my mom wont let me drive, she claims I don’t know how to drive… my dad says that I drive well, but my mother still wont let me. Is there any to convince her? If you could please give me ideas that would be great!

Drive your parents to the grocery, to work, etc. Having your parents in the passenger seat is helpful.

Tell her you have a license, which basically means you are capable of driving legally. And that she have to trust you with this, because you will not crash the car or let anything bad happen while driving. 🙂

If its the allow you are stuck with mother in the passenger seat. If its the specific license then possibly its coverage, My daughter drove however not with out me until I bought her on the insurance, then she wrecked my car. I am certain your mom is simply scared.

Beg her … tell her if you couldn’t drive you wouldnt have your license. Or just ask your dad can you drive.

Have you even had lessons yet? Might be a start.


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