I don’t know how to get out of this trap?

I never loved anyone so much. We were apart for long, working a way to be together. Now we’re living together. And I can’t do it any more. We’re planing our lives together, to move away together, but the situation has gone too insane. We’ve been living together for 14 months, and haven’t had…

In doing what is best for you, you need to not worry about how he has changed his life for you. You didn’t make him move here… ultimately it was his decision. I know too many people who have fallen into bad relationships because they felt guilty for something they shouldn’t. You should look at what he has done for you once you moved in together. A healthy relationship is not possible without open communication, and if talking makes it worse, that is an indisputable sign that your relationship is unhealthy. If he can’t talk with you about your feelings, how can you expect him to consider them in the future? I am sympathetic to you, because I know how hard it can be to let someone go when you’re in love, but you have to know that there ARE other people out there, and you have to trust that it is in your best interest to get out. You should give him the chance to open up again, but let him know your intentions of leaving if the relationship doesn’t improve.

I wish you the best. Feel free to email me if you need to talk some more. (linkinpark_lpa@yahoo.com)

If you can’t manage to be open with your mate, how do you expect to live together? I’d dump him and move on to someone who is more worthy of your time. I can understand that he may be homesick, but if that’s the case, both of you need to go out and meet other couples. I also don’t like how he moved over here to be closer to you and now he wants you to move away. Be careful, controlling and manipulative men are like this. I used to date one for many years.

Marriage guidance, couples counselling, psycho-sexual counselling… whatever you want to call it, that is basically your only hope. You’ve tried talking to him direct without the assistance of a professional and he avoids and makes up excuses, so this is the only chance you have left to save the relationship. Otherwise you HAVE to walk away for the sake of your own happiness. A relationship should enrich your life, not make it miserable. Good luck. x

Move on Tricky, sounds like he was playing you. You will not find happiness with this person.
Get back to dating as soon as possible, it will do you some good. But this time, make sex and friendship your priority! If you are looking for “Mr Right”, it’s unlikely hell come. Womens groups can hlep too. Good Luck!

I am sorry but you have to get out of this, there is something fundamentally wrong with this guy, perhaps he is Gay?
If sex is a problem at this stage it will only get worse not better. Cut your losses however painful and run while you can and DONT look back!

I would quit the relationship that u are in. It is not working for u and he is not giving u what u want. You need to move on from him because otherwise u are going be more depressed and hurt.

He’s probably is using you for citizenship. You should leave him and not move anywhere with him. He’s probably gay or maybe even impudent. Sex is a very important part of a relationship so if it isn’t good or isn’t happening you should get out.

are you strong enough to face the truth?
if you are ,then you move on,just be honest to yourself.try to ask
does he love me ? does he like me? does he fancy me?
am i enough for him?is he enough for me?
why he doesn’t leave me? why i don’t leave him?
how come we are together?
is it better to stay together or better to split up
is it worth it to try?
I’m pretty sure that you have answers to all these questions
the will is what you need .better alone than to be sad with someone but if there are reasons that stops you to take decision about your life then you have to wait a bit more
hope you will be fine soon

he got impotency problems..you have a right to your needs and desires being met but please talk and get help before you throw in all away..if it still doesn’t work then move on before it all gets bitter..he’s a grown up..he knew his problems and your desires before he came to live with you so you owe him nothing..certainly not to sacrifice your life..you’ll end up cheating and it will be worse…get talking then get councelling and it that fails get out…you do know how to do it you just want things to be different..they won’t change

Do what you need to do to be happy. Sometimes it’s really hard bc it hurts, but it will be better in the long run.

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