I find the whole Jade Goody story very indecent now, am I a bad person then?

Just a thought: my father died of cancer a year ago. It was a private matter and I believe we remain dignified until the end. Our pain, just like his sad demise, was a private matter and rightly so.
Of course, he wasn’t a famous person but Jade is not the only celebrity to suffer from this terrible disease…

If YOU’RE a bad person then so am I – by ten where this one’s concerned – but then, she’s one too – by 1,000 ! ! !

No, you are not a bad person and I am sorry for your loss.
Although moved to near tears at the sight of her in the wheel chair, understanding her need to leave her son’s future financially secure and appreciating how the publicity is raising young women’s awareness of the need for regular checks I am now finding it all a bit too much. Too much exposure to the point of being a turn off.
But then I think it is all probably giving her something to focus on which I can understand. When the publicity stops the nitty gritty begins.
People are making money out of it, some of which I hope will go to a good cause.
It’s a pity all cancer sufferers can’t get similar exposure and financial help though.

My husband died after 21 months of fighting cancer. It was a quiet and very private affair.
But everyone is different.

Why don’t you get angry at the people who wish cancer on others and say that she DESERVES it.

Shouldn’t you be fighting her corner, or are you one of those vindictive people who wishes it on everyone because your father died?

I sympathise with Jade Goody because I saw the long painful death of my grandfather to lung cancer.

You should be part of the group that is fighting for us to cure this disease and save friends and family. Vindictiveness isn’t the answer.


The reason she has the media circus is because she was already in the media limelight. She chose this when she first entered BB and then onto Celebrity BB. I’m sure had you’re father done something similar he would have the media circus too.

But the press are a bunch of hounds. Look at these magazines for people who are celebrity obsessed. There’s so many of them and all of them want the exclusive on the story because it’ll make them money.

It is however a two-way thing. The more information she gives the more she gets. TBPH I’d do the same thing. She wants the money for her kids – she’s not going to be buried with it.

No. I agree. I’m not in any way happy that a young person is dying of cancer, but I cannot understand why even her wedding is getting televised. Sorry, but my grandad died of cancer. He was a talented, witty and popular man. No-one offered to print his story and, like most people, he would not have even dreamed of publicising his death. He had too much dignity and respect for others. I think this Jade business is the final sick indignity of fame-for-its-own-sake culture. The only good thing it could do is make us take a good hard look at ourselves as a society.

So Jade will go down in history for appearing on BB, Racistgate, and now trying to make a fast buck by broadcasting her terminal cancer to the public to generate as much cash as possible. I can’t think of any other celebrity (past or present) who has stooped as low as this. I have more sympathy for Joe Public having cancer before I have any for Jade.

Jade has never been very bright but I think she’s aware of the somewhat precarious position of her two boys once she has gone. Added to that, I do think that she loves her children very much and wants the best for them.
It looks as though she has become tunnel visioned through grief and fear and all this publicity may be a welcome distraction for her. It maybe not what you or I would do but everyone is different. Jade has little but her so called celebrity to help her now as it’s not clear what sort of family support she’s getting; her mother hardly sounds a reliable type to care for children if what the papers say is true.
The real indecency of all this comes from those who are exploiting her, because exploitation is what it boils down to in my opinion. Jade, of course, won’t see that.
I just hope Max Clifford is right when he says the wedding will be the last thing to be filmed; to film her death, as has been mooted, is unthinkable.

I believe she should be spending time with her sons. Yeah she says she is doing al this stuff to get money for her sons, but for what , to buy the things she could never have growing up? One thing they wont be able to buy is memories of their mum so she should be spending time with them. Another sufferer was the lady who played miranda in sex and the city, she was in a play on broadway and continued the whole thing while having chemo n stuff, and didnt tell anyone till after the play was done. I feel sorry for Jade, and im sorry she has cancer, but it isnt doing the other people who have cancer good, she isnt giving her money to the macmillan nurses that will probably be helping her and it isnt answering questions that other people, who have just recently found out they have cancer, may have.

Jade is Jade. But the most important thing of all in this ridiculous hoo ha about her publicity is that many young women have stepped forward for smear tests as a direct result of Jade’s public battle. That means, inevitably, that lives will have been saved. If she had kept her illness private and “dignified”, some of those women may not have been far behind her.

Cancer is as much a psychological battle as a physical one, and Jade fought her’s by keeping her life as normal as possible. It was her choice, and nobody has been forced to read about it or watch it.

It doesn’t make you a bad person at all – just someone with their own opinion.
I feel incredibly sad for Jade and her family and I believe in the saying ‘each to their own’. If she wants to sell the rights to her wedding – that’s fine by me. It’s not my life she’s living, it’s not my death. Therefore what she decides, I feel, is not for me to comment on. I will defend her money making antics as I believe she is doing this for her children as she will not be there for them as they grow up.
I’m sorry to hear about your father – I have list 4 family members to cancer myself, it’s a terrible thing that I think has touched everyone at some point. I understand how frustrating it is watching this media circus when you have a family member going through the same hell and doing it in a quiet, peaceful manner.
I think we must remember though that Jade has never been quiet and dignified – she has always been loud, in your face and midly annoying.
Why don’t we just let her have the death she ‘wants’ – her choices are obviously what she wants – so who are we to judge her on that?

I would rather not be bombarded with images of Jade alive and well, or sick and dying. That’s my prerogative. However, as she has chosen to live and die in the public eye I believe that the public has a right to discuss her choices.

On the plus side, although she has said very little about why her cancer was detected so late, her story has prompted many women to get smears who might not have done so otherwise.

“I still cant see what good it does to the fight against cancer”

You clearly haven’t seen today’s headlines – they reckon that the number of young women now having smear tests is up by between 30-40% because of the ‘Jade Goody’ effect. That’s the good it’s doing.

You’re not a bad person, but neither is she. You quote George Harrison as a celebrity who died a dignified death. George Harrison was a multimillionaire! His family didn’t need any more money. Jade’s children are only 4 and 5 years old and I commend her for doing her utmost at this awful time to see that they have a comfortable future.

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