I like unorthodox music ( black girl listens to punk rock )?

As you can see in my avatar im obviously a black female but the thing is i dont like listening to Rap music as everyone believe i should. i mean its ok at time but after a while it gets repetitive about money drugs sex blah blah. But rock music its so different it makes me relaxed and gives me different…

By asking this question you are the one who is making it “unproper”…or at least adding to it.

Don’t question it. If others do, they are simply ignorant. Somebody has to change them and enlighten them, so why not you?

I am a black female and there is nothing wrong about stepping outside the stereotype of african americans. I find it so ignorant when people limit them selves or say im not doing this or that because I am black… stop trying to act black or fit the stereotype and act like you… the only opinion that should matter is yours… you are an individual and should never have to change your personal likings to appease the black culture.

I don’t see anything wrong with that! Listen to the lyrics of punk songs! Girl, we’re on YOUR side! 🙂
Ever heard Minority, by Green Day?
“I wanna be the minority
I don’t need your authority
Down with the moral majority
Cause I wanna be the minority”
Or what about the Ramones’ Howling at The Moon?
“I’m gonna steal from the rich and give to the poor.”

Most of us punkers are as pissed off at the man as you guys are, just poor blue collar schmucks also stuck in the ghetto. There is nothing wrong with a black gal liking punk, especially if you get deep into the punk culture and look at the causes we fight for (fighting against racism is but one of them)

Why should you have a specific music? I like all kinds of weird music…it just proves that you are musically well-rounded. Don’t let it bother you. Charley Pride was black, and he sang country…great stuff! Eminem is white and he raps. Toby Mac is white and he raps. Do you see where I am going with this?

what you just said severally pissed me off, im black hispanic and i listen to rock music period always have. i lived in a upper middle class neighborhood than moved into a lower-middle class neighborhood. i was shunned by classmates,neighbors ect. but i didn’t care. i don’t fit into a stereotype i do what the hell i want to do and listen to what i like. i think rap=crap and im not ashamed to say so. people have always commented that im trying to act white but that’s their own ignorance and narrow mindedness.
and btw your not even technically listening to “rock” avril and sum41 LMAO
listen to the sex pistols, bad religion,black flag and minor threat than see what your dad says.

i think no matter what race you are that you should be able 2 listen [or act, or dress, or ne thing] the way you want 2. its not like we r born w a handbook telling us exactly how we should grow up and live our lives [exept the bible but thats a litttle different] and if everyone stuck to limits then no1 would b unquine or interesting in life. just do what u want i mean who cares if you like rock and rap? its america=free country.

no theres nothing rong w/ it im black & i mainly listen 2 rock & ive been lik this 4 years everybody has there own taste n music & i believe that if u lik the way u r then no1 has the rite 2 judge u & u shouldn’t scum 2 peer presure, but i hav a problem when white ppl tell me that i listen 2 “white ppl music” & their listening 2 “black ppl music”

So who cares??? I mean, it’s a free country isn’t it??? So why can’t you listen to rock too like a lot of other people??? Stick with YOUR music and DO NOT listen to those other people who tell you not to listen to rock or whatever. I prefer rock to rap too. Rap is mostly about guns,sex,drugs,hate,violence,love, whatever!!!!

Listen to what you want to. I am a 35 y/o plain ol’ white guy and listen to everything from Tupac, Metallica, Lucianno Pavarotti, etc. If it sounds good I will listen to it no matter what race the people are making it.

Wow, except for the ghetto part you’re like my long lost twin! I think it’s just the fact that he wants you to embrace music by black people and not be listening to “white music” all the time. I agree, I don’t really like rap music because it’s so degrading to women and all the rappers rap about are the same things over and over! It just gets annoying. I love the black culture too. Black people are amazing and they work hard for their money. I look up to Oprah Winfrey and I hope to work with Halle Berry one day. I love rock, and I always will. But your dad is just like mine. He calls my music junk and stupid. But he just wants me to listen to reggae because practically my whole family is from beautiful Jamaica, but look at the amazing Bob Marley, he’s in the Rock n’ roll Hall of Fame! My dad just wants me to understand that I should appreciate my own race’s work and music before I like people of other race’s music. But I can very much relate to you. = )

Who decides that being black means you can only like rap music? You’re an individual. You can like whatever kind of music makes you feel good and still be proud of your heritage.

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