Is anybody else surprised at the composure and grace of Obama while being viciously attacked?

His enemies are trying to railroad him in the most ruthless way for things he didn’t even say and do. The posts here prove it.
When I see him talk I am just amazed by his composure and grace towards people attacking him – far better than I would ever be under such fire!
I wasn’t planning on voting for…

Obama is being railroaded like McCain was during the 2000 South Carolina primary.

This is Karl Rove politics at its worse. Back then they were saying McCain had a black bastard daughter with a prostitute and was the “Manchurian Candidate”.

Rush Limbaugh has apparently been telling his sheep followers to vote for Obama or Hillary in their primaries to keep the election close. The longer the nomination process, the longer they can keep bashing Democrats and then blame it Hillary or Obama.

Are we talking about the same people who warned that there were envelopes with “white powder” being shipped in the mail around Washington DC and then a few days later there was ANTHRAX everywhere that was mysteriously traced to a US corporation that made it with a “distinctive moniker” that CLEARLY Showed from where it came? The same people who phoned the White House and asked what should be done about the planes that had flown off course and were rogues, only to be told to “back off” and NOT to take them out? And when Ground Zero was checked WEEKS after the bombing was it not found that there was STLL molten metal in the rubble which indicated the use of a chemical that ONLY the United States manufactures and uses that can actually MELT the beams of Super Structures such as the twin towers? And wasn’t it curious that when the Twin Towers fell they did so at “free fall rate” which means that the floors underneath were being systematically “blown up” with the precision of a professional building demolishing team? And have we found the gold YET that was housed in the World Monetary Fund Bank on the second basement floor under the Twin Towers? Supposedly it exceeded the amount of gold in Fort Knox and yet there was little or NO mention of it! And why was it that President Bush mentioned that evil Shadow Government in his speech just AFTER The bombing of the Trade Center, implying that they may have had a bit to do with the whole affair but strangely enough the President NEVER mentioned them BEFORE the bombing or just after that first speech. Did someone tell him to shut the heck up? Also, I don’t care WHAT people think about Bush since I thought the same thing years ago as well … BUT I have this hunch that he is a LOT smarter than we imagine. When he bails out all of his friends with this latest “bail-out” and when he pardons all of his friends at the end of his term and when he sells his ranch in Texas and moves with Cheney to Abu-Dabi with BILLIONS of dollars …. how stupid will we think HE is at THAT point! Bush is NO Dummy. WE are the Dummies!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace y’all

I dont thin he was composed I think he look very vulnerable and not able to say much his speech it may have been presented well but still didnt say much but to show white grandma is the same in his eyes still empty no substance you may not care about the pastor but if this was mentor for 20 years does that not cause you to worry and his policies are very vague, he admitted he will leave out 15 million people in his health care plan and I suppose this is better than the republic I just hope you never need health care you may be one of the ones left out. I dont think he handled this very well and can you imagine what the republicians will do to him he will be ripped apart.

It is truly amazing how he has remained calm and composed in the face of adversity – to me those are qualities that we need in the leader of our country. Not some just fly off the handle, by any means necessary type deal (Bush). He is truly noteworthy. As for the comments of his pastor – his pastor is a grown man and should be held responsible for his actions.

I do care what his Pastor said because Mr. Obama selected him as his mentor (Mr. Obama’s words) and his spiritual adviser (again Mr. Obama’s words) so the beliefs, words and deeds of the Pastor help us to understand Mr. Obama.

Think of it this way if John McCain were to select someone that was a Wizard in the KKK as his mentor would you feel the same way you do about the Pastor? I hope not.

PS: Being calm under pressure and speaking well are not how we should select our leaders. How about we look at their policies and GASP their opinions and the opinions of those around them.

PPS: I guess Karl Rove’s opinions and actions don’t reflect on George Bush?

Realize the statement “Odasidy of Hope” comes from Reverand Wright…given this how can you say Wright’s views have nothing to do with Obama’s?

No, he must have known this was coming. Politicians get attacked all the time. If he didn’t keep his composure he would be the wrong person for the job.

Oh, I can’t put into words at how impressed I am with his composure and grace.

Praise Obama
Praise Obama
Praise Obama

Where’s the Kool-Aid

I’ve been a supporter of Barack Obama ever since I read The Audacity of Hope. A definite must-read for anyone interested in politics.

I can’t stand everyone criticizing Barack because of his pastor. Seriously, they’re not Obama’s opinions, they’re his pastor’s, don’t criticize him for it. The media just wants to find every little thing they can on Obama because they took major flak for not criticizing him earlier in the race.

No, He seems to stutter alot when he doesnt have a speech in fromt of him. And if you dont want to hold Obamas Mentor and Campaign advisor and Obama for being so loyal to this racist for over twenty years thats your problem with good judgement. Seems to run ramped among Obama supporters.

guess you are in the 38 percent.

Being an inspirational speaker is the top reason voters think Obama is as competitive as he is in the race. Twice as many credit his speaking skills (38 percent) as say it is because heโ€™s qualified (22 percent).”

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