Is it okay for 22 years old boy date with 16 years old girl?

Some people think it is okay for a 40 years old man date with 30 years old college,i know some 25 years old boy date with 18 years old girl.but for 16 years old girl and 22 years old boy,it is too strange to do the same.there may be a big difference between 16 years old and 22 years old.the age 16 should…

It all depends on two things. The LAW and MATURITY. The law doesn’t prohibit DATING, meaning NO sex just dating, however, the law does penalize having sex with a 16 because of the fact that the person is a minor and even under the age of consent. I don’t know what state you live in but in Texas the age of consent is 17. The age of consent is the age the law sets that a person is able to have sex with someone over the age of 18. You can look up the age of consent laws on google.

As far as muturity goes, that is soley dependent on those two people dating. There is no way to tell unless you actually experience it for yourself.


There are MANY huge differences between a normal 16 year old and a normal 22 year old. Not to mention the fact that it is illegal to even touch a 16 year old, or have a 16 year old alone with you if you are a non authorized (by the minor child’s parent) adult. Either way, the parent’s cannot consent to allowing you to have sex with their child, neither can a 16 year old consent to sex or any sexual relations. The reason no one thinks much of a 30 year old and a 40 year old dating is because they are both adults, and have been for some time. What you are doing, or thinking about doing is %100 percent wrong. And if you were talking about dating my minor child we would have some big problems.

It’s not right for a number of reasons. A 22 year old is at a different point in their life. A 16 year old is too and is still developing.

And in most civilized states, 18 is the age of consent. The 22 year old would be breaking the law… And he’ll have a really hard time trying to prove he’s not trying to get physical with his girlfriend and he’s just “waiting for her.”

1) this person can get in trouble but
2) I was in this situation. I think it all depends on the intentions. I dated a guy that was 5 years older. It lasted 3 months but thats because we werent meant as a couple. Were good friends now.

Our intentions were good and clean, nothing sexual or material. Sometimes age is nothing but a number, again i will say though, INTENTIONS are the most important thing in this situation.

There is a lot of maturing that happens between ages 16 to ages 18. at 18 i think a girl could date whatever age she likes but 16 is too young.

yes there is a big difference because at 16 you haven’t had much experience in love and relationships etc, and even if the girl looks mature for her age she won’t be mentally as mature as a 22 year old.

wide-unfold inhabitants say statutory. save it as a crush. i’m no longer able to work out something sturdy coming from a relationship like that. He would desire to pass to reformatory so in case you like him do no longer pursue something different than informal friendship.

It’s called statutory rape. Even though it is consented. It’s not right. you got to be 18 to make it ok.

I see no problem.

dude, thats rape. you dont want to go there

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