Let’s try and get a straight answer now — do you teach your kids that people of other faiths will go to hell?

I’m rephrasing this question to see if I can get a straight answer this time:
Do you teach your kids that people of other faiths are going to hell?

Faiths other than Christianity? Or do you believe it yourself? I imagine if you believe it yourself you’d let your kids think it, even if you don’t actually…


No I do not teach my children that people of other faiths are going to hell. As a matter of fact I have to teach my children how to deal with other people who are going to say things like that. In my opinion Ideals like that are one of the many reasons that Christianity has started to get a bit of a bad reputation with the world at large. Being of a faith that accepts all people of all faiths I wouldn’t dream of saying something so full of bigotry.

How can you tell your kids that other religions are bad or wrong. At the end of the day your teaching your kids to be disrespectfull to other peoples faiths. I believe this is wrong if people go to hell after death it would not be because of their faith!
Your character and nature would decide whether or not you would go to hell.

No. Only those whose names are not written in the Book of Life will go to Hell. They are the bastard children of Satan. Many children of God observe other faiths. At the Great White Throne Judgment, all children of God will be judged according to their works. If the name isn’t in the Book, the person is not God’s. If it worries you, then you’re most likely His child. If it doesn’t, well, then who ARE you?

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No dear, I made sure the kids received a real education in science , math & logic. They show no symptoms of schizoid delusional mental disorder and know the difference between real life and fairy tales…
They know that there are no invisible friends in the sky sending people to hell…

If I’d had children, I would like to think that I would have taught them to respect others and to be interested in people because of their culture, race, or religion — not in spite of them. That’s how their mom and dad see the world, and that’s how they would have been raised.

In retrospect, maybe that’s why my dogs have always gotten along so well with cats.

I was taught “good people go to heaven” I was never taught much about anybody going to hell. It was something that was up to God and it was a very sad thing. We should never wish it on anybody or assume anybody would go to hell, no matter what they had done or believed or did not believe. Only God knew their heart. And it was in his hands. We could only pray that people knew about God.

Definitely not. Well, I don’t have kids, but if and when I do I will certainly not be teaching them that. First of all, I don’t believe there’s a Hell (that’s a whole other discussion, but basically I don’t think an all-loving God would allow a Hell… haha, but Purgatory for sure). Second of all, just because someone else has a different faith doesn’t mean they are living bad lives, which if I’m not mistaken, bad lives are what lead to Hell by those who believe in it.

It’s about how you live your life.


When i have kids i plan to not teach them anything, when they are old enough to be curious Ill help them research and form their own opinion. Forcing religion on kids should be child abuse because we end up with nut jobs like sarah palin running around.

im Muslim and although in Qur’an it warns constantly about the hellfire and destination of evil people on earth and disbelievers (pagans,people who worship clay etc) i believe everyones destiny is in Gods Hands and He will decide. saying if an old lady who was really sweet and kind all her life but didnt have any religion or was in a different religion, died, i believe God is Most Merciful and has different plans written for different people. we all have a destiny and i dont think its nice 2 bring kids up saying a lot about hell, you would want them to treat people equally even if they would preach sometimes.

so im not sure if i believe people of other faiths are going to hell, i dont think thats for me or anyone else to judge.

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