Mj fans and Beatle fans?

I’m not an Mj fan but I know he is a legend. I can’t deny that fact because he was and still is loved by millions of people. When he died in the summer remember how everyone started buying Mj merchandise and it became a really popular topic this year? Well I want the thoughts of the Mj fans too for this…

“Do you think the same thing will happen if one day (I hate to say this or even think of it) the remaning 2 Beatle members are no longer here?”
No lie, that actually made a tear roll down my cheek; such a sad thought.
But yes, I do think it will happen. They started getting really popular again around last year, and I hate to say it, but I think the other two passing would make them more interesting to certain people. Especially autographed items or limited editions. But as far as I’m concerned, The Beatles (as a group or seperately) will always be alive. I don’t think their music will ever die, nor will the impact they had on this world
“Everyone loves you when you’re 6 feet in the ground.” — John Lennon

Man, I don’t even like thinking of this, but the simple thought that one day Paul and Ringo will be no more, makes a knot in my throat. I’m such a HUGE Beatles fan, and Paul and Ringo are my two favorite Beatles! To see they are alive makes me so happy that if they pass away I would cry as if it were a relative of mine. Specially with Paul. His music is so legendary and he’s so amazingly talented, truly worth or remembering with high honors, but no, don’t make think of this, I’ll cry! ='(

whilst have we ever mentioned the Beatles suck? you are the single constantly coming to MJ questions and pointing out how plenty better the Beatles are. The Beatles are my favourite band. in certainty, maximum MJ followers on right here love the Beatles. So, i for my section do no longer comprehend what you try to point out right here.

I am a HUGE MJ fan and also a HUGE Beatles fan!!! I am completely obsessed with both of them!!!
If Paul or Ringo ever die….. I WILL DIEE!!!! I seriously will cry and cry just like I did when Michael died!!!
I bet it will happen, there will be another huge Beatle’s craze if one of them dies… but I seriously don’t want to think of when thats gonna happen 🙁

I don’t know who the other Beatles member is, but it’s gonna be a pretty big deal for Paul. Will it be as big of a deal as it was for Michael? I honestly can’t say. I’m not a fan of the Beatles and don’t really know their history.

OMGEORGE DONT SAY THAT!!!!! THAT MUST NEVER HAPPEN!!!!! i think it might 🙁 i really hate talking bout this its makin my mood sad and un-happy!!!!!! but yeah i think it would!!! it might not but idk………………..we wont no till it happens………………………O PLEASE GOD DONT LET THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

the beaatles will live in my heart forever

I miss MJ! *wipes tear*

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