Poll:What do you think will help America(USA) get over obesity?

I think that if they raised the price of fast food(especially McDonald!!!).
Because it’s so unhealthy, if you forget your lunch no big deal-we’ll go to McDonalds.
Like Canada’s fast food prices are better.

But also they need take junk food venders and unhealth meals/snacks out of all…

We already tried a snack tax, it didn’t work. Also prices are already high and it doesn’t stop anybody from eating (over-eating) junk foods and fast foods.

When I was growing up, portions were smaller, people actually cooked most meals at home… And nearly everything was made from scratch. “Meal kits” were not widely available, convenience foods were mostly for side dishes. Fast food was seen as a treat, not a habit. Even soda was not consumed daily. Schools had cafeterias, not name branded “Food courts” as many schools now have.

The problem doesn’t lie with the fast food companies. The problem is in the home. Young parents now, may not have been raised in a home that had truly homemade, nutritious meals, so they are raising this generation the same way… On a diet filled with fat, salt, and sugar in take-out, frozen food, fast food, and supermarket “ready to go meals” from the deli, also meal kits, such as the ever popular “Hamburger Helper” and “Tuna Helper” (which they seem to think is what constitutes a “homemade” meal).

People claim they work, and “have no time” to prepare a meal. I work two jobs (at one time I had 3). I cook the majority of my meals at home, from scratch. With a bit of pre-prep, a few freezer containers/freezer bags, and a well stocked pantry… I can have a homemade meal, on the table, in the same time it takes other people to call in and wait for the pizza delivery to show up.

I buy veggies on sale, chop, mince slice all of it, at once. Then, portion it out, into amounts commonly called for, in typical recipes. I wrap those portions in “Press ‘n Seal”, and freeze. I have no waste, and no rotting leftover produce in my fridge. I will cook large amounts of things that freeze well, such as lasagne, portion them out, and freeze them too. And unlike the popular “Stouffer’s” lasagne, mine isn’t loaded with salt, fat, and “unpronounceable words”.

Hospitals offer parenting classes to expectant parents. Part of the class should include nutrition and meal planning. The same goes for health class in school. Kids should learn things such as why a “healthy” granola bar, is not actually a healthy snack, (many often contain more sugar than candy bars), and that a better option is a handful of toasted, unsalted, pumpkin seeds, and an apple.

Lack of exercise, and all the various “Modern conveniences” also contribute to obesity. In the past. We had to work harder just to get basic household chores done. But each decade has seen more efficient chemical cleaners and appliances take over. So calorie burners like scrubbing a floor no longer exist. And gym memberships bought as a New Year’s resolutions, go unused by June.

I agree raising junk food prices might help the situation. Perhaps then people might be more persuaded to brown bag their lunches and buy healthier food. It’s sad to say it, but America does have an obesity epidemic. It’s specially sad to see children whose parents obviously aren’t worried enough about childhood diabetes and other health complications that come with being obese….

That we need some sort of famine down here. I know so many obese people that thinks it’s all right to wolf down 5 “small” meals a day. And finish it off with a diet coke……….but every one of those meals is about 800 calories.

I do know a few though that just can’t lose weight. And they try hard with diet and exercise.

But you know this will never happen…………people get very offended if you try and force an issue on them.

Stop putting hormones and antibiotics in all the food supplies , Cows , chickens , etc etc etc…
That’s Why kids and adults are so Obese…it isn’t Mc-D’s or fast food joints it every food in america…….Case in point other countries will not buy our beef and or poultry cause of that very reason…..And when Japan agreed to do so what happened…they found mad cow disease among the meat……………SO…..
Americans never know what we are getting anymore….no matter what place it is Fast food joints , Wal- Marts , Kroger’s , etc etc etc…..the Meat is full of Growth hormones and antibiotics in the animals…..and many are being feed with their own kind ground up and put into their feed…thus causing cannibalism in them which produced the mad cow disease to start with !!!!!!!!…….

Actually chips and candy would be healthier to te kids then the hormone laden foods…..
Also process foods….full of preservatives also produce higher weight gain…………that’s every food YOU pop in the micro-wave………you buy in your neighborhood grocery freezer section………

Ban McDonalds.

Junk food is every where

go back in time and destroy the McDonald brothers…

I agree with you.

how about you stfu. canada is full of fatasses

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