Scottish, Welsh and Irish: Do you think that the Engilsh…?

Have been unfairly scapegoated for historical past events they had little to no part in?

Is it not also the case that though the English elites were the engineers of empire, the bulk of the feet on the ground were Scottish, Irish and Welsh ‘trouble-makers’ as well as English poor sent abroad by their…

I’m Welsh and I agree.

1. the Empire was not an “English” invention, Scots and Welsh took an equal part in it too. Why do so many Afro-Caribbean descent people have Welsh surnames (Jones, Evans etc)? Because of the huge number of WELSH SLAVE PLANTATION OWNERS in Jamaica! There were many Scots and Welsh involved in the Empire and many benefitted hugely from it.

2. the Welsh Nationalists who love to bleat that England have “oppressed” them: I ask them “how?” Edward I conquered Wales, but he was Norman French not English. What has been done since then? Oh and if anyone says the “English” suppressed the Welsh Language I will scream, that was done by WELSH people who felt that speaking English at school was essential to kids’ futures – in the days of Empire English was spoken by half the world whilst speaking only Welsh would ensure you never moved farther than the village you were born in.

3. the poor of England were just as oppressed and ground down as the poor of Wales and Scotland. It was always about rich people trying to get richer at the expense of the poor, not about English trying to oppress Welsh or Scots.

TBH I think that “I hate the English” thing is just a trendy tagline to chant when you’ve had too many down the pub. I live in South Wales with my English partner and yes he has come up against prejudice, usually from fat, drunken Valleys boys in rugby shirts who don’t really know what they are talking about. One even called me a “traitor” for being with an Englishman. Yes and this guy was fat ugly and ginger. I wonder why I chose a cute Englishman, eh?

I’d say to all English people reading this:

Pay no heed to the bleatings of those of my nation who spout anti-English hatred, most of them just want a scapegoat for their own failures.

PS ignore Cymro Bach – he’s just angry that an Englishman took his favourite sheep! His name translates as “Little Welshman” so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that (esp. the “Little!”) And his idea that “all” Englishmen are rich whilst “all” Welshmen are poor is just utter nonsense and indicative of a lack of knowledge and education. He’s not representative of the average Welshman in any way . . . rants like his make me ashamed to be Welsh.

Not really no… However the English are genetically almost identical to the Irish, Welsh and Scots, so they are the same people that have been hounded by the Angles, Saxons, Jutes. Romans, Normans, Vikings et al.

True, in the case of the so-called ‘English Army’, per capita the lowest representation was from the English, through most of the second millenia. They may have been too busy hiding under there collective beds, I don’t know.

Many of the worst offenders for the clearances in Scotland were Scottish Feudal landholders out for a quick buck.

Generally the English don’t really bother me, although England is perhaps another matter. Probably the worst crime we see now, outwith the ‘Little Englander’ mentality mainly in the South-East is the inability to tell the difference between England, Britain and the UK, a problem not so much of bias more of stupidity and astounding ignorance.

It’s just a pity that they had to rely on the Scots for so many of ‘their’ inventions…

No not at all.

Welsh by the way so no surprises for you.

Look at most of England now built up wealthy and then they come here and steel our homes and we have to go over there to earn a living and then come home to find we have no houses. Our language then dies because the english are the most arrogant and selfish people going. THEY SEEM TO THINK THAT THEY ARE ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE WHEN THEY AINT NOT SO EVER.

Fact – Not many people like the english because of their attitudes to everything they seem to think that they’re always right no matter what when they are not.

Wales would be a better place today if it werent for England and so would Ireland and Scotland, And cornwall.

They are jealous that’s why this anger is always fired at us. Welsh, Scottish, Irish and Cornish all have ties with each other genetically, linguistically and culturally.

Wales – the only Celtic country left with a powerful Celtic language which is growing(people don’t want to be associated with england so they speak welsh instead)

Rep Ireland – Only Independent Country

Scotland – Strong willed people who are loosing their identity to the English.

Cornwall – Now only classed as a County when they are as rightly so a Celtic nation / country.



An Bhreatain Bheag, Cornwál, Eire agus Albain go brath


The lady of the moonlight?

I bet you can’t speak welsh and you don’t agree with the welsh language wrights tell me then you being how you are what makes you welsh and no different from the english?

You pretty much English to me belittling your own people. Welsh you say haha you couldn’t call yourself welsh if hittler said he was a jew.

And no i didn’t generalize at all ! I said that england is more prosperous than wales which is true and then we have to migrate to get jobs and then our houses are bought by English people. Where are you getting your facts from maybe you should be educated enough to know your own history and LANGUAGE ! and also how to READ/ because your writing what you must obviously be thinkings.

Hwyl fawr a diwrnod go wael i ti pharo.

‘The lady of the moonlight’ is probably a pseudo (non-Welsh speaking) Welsh woman who professes to be ‘proud of being Welsh’ but can’t string a sentence together in the language of her own country.In her profile she admits to being a b*tch…she’s spot on there..(hen âst ydi hi). Welsh speakers in school were forced to speak English and were forbidden to converse in Welsh on pain of corporal punishment. Look up ‘Welsh Not’ if you don’t believe me.
English people come to live in this country (Wales) and then have the nerve to complain about the signs being bilingual, that their sprogs have to learn Welsh in school and that the ability to speak and write in Welsh is considered an essential qualification for some jobs in Wales.
With many non-English incomers to England..they are now getting a taste of their own medicine.
They now know why we’ve been complaining for years and were labelled ‘racists’ for doing so.

i’m Welsh and that i agree. a million. the Empire grew to become into no longer an “English” invention, Scots and Welsh took an equivalent area in it too. Why do a great form of Afro-Caribbean descent human beings have Welsh surnames (Jones, Evans etc)? because of the extensive form of WELSH SLAVE PLANTATION vendors in Jamaica! there have been many Scots and Welsh in touch contained in the Empire and a great form of benefitted quite from it. 2. the Welsh Nationalists who like to bleat that England have “oppressed” them: I ask them “how?” Edward I conquered Wales, yet he grew to become into Norman French no longer English. What has been performed considering that then? Oh and if everyone says the “English” suppressed the Welsh Language i’m going to scream, that grew to become into performed with the help of WELSH people who felt that conversing English in school grew to become into necessary to youngsters’ futures – contained in the days of Empire English grew to become into spoken with the help of a million/2 the international mutually as conversing basically Welsh could confirm you in no way moved farther than the village you have been born in. 3. the destructive of england have been basically as oppressed and floor down because of the fact the destructive of Wales and Scotland. It grew to become into constantly approximately wealthy human beings attempting to get richer on the rate of the destructive, no longer approximately English attempting to oppress Welsh or Scots. TBH i think of that “I hate the English” factor is basically a widespread tagline to chant once you have had too many down the pub. I stay in South Wales with my English better half and definite he has arise against prejudice, many times from fat, drunken Valleys boys in rugby shirts who do no longer probably know what they’re speaking approximately. One even stated as me a “traitor” for being with an Englishman. definite and this guy grew to become into fat gruesome and ginger. i ask your self why I chosen a cute Englishman, eh? i could say to all English human beings reading this: Pay no heed to the bleatings of those of my usa who spout anti-English hatred, maximum of them are basically losers searching for somebody to blame for his or her very own mess ups.

History will tell you that all you mention was carried out by a Conservative government. A Liberal or Labour party had not been founded.

You wont get the Scots, Welsh or Irish agreeing to that, the don’t like the English.
Gordon Brown ( scottish ) is trying to wipe England off the face of the Map, by breaking England up into regions, he does not want to break up the Union, but does want to break England up,
The Scots in this Government have done no favours for England.

Politicians are aliens and don’t know what they’re talking about.

It’s time we all recognised that we are all British and we should be proud of that.

they dont think like us.

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