Seriously sick family troubles?

Okay i think i need to give a bit of history.

My Mum has always treated me bad, treating my siblings better, telling me she couldn’t love me etc.

Nearly two years ago she kicked my dad out. Then to spit him insisted i spent every holiday(birthday, xmas etc) with her so he’d be on his own. I did until…

I might be wrong here, but it sounds to me like your family are jealous of you, especially your mum!! Anyone who matters to you outside of your family will know that this is totally untrue, so ignore them. What does your dad think of all this? If he doesn’t know, maybe you should tell him. Why not write your family a note and tell them what you think? Just let them know that no matter how bad the rumours are, you are happy with your dad and that’s where you’re staying, and tell them that because of the way they are, you’d prefer not to have anything to do with them!! You can walk with your head high, can they?? Good luck xx

Your negative self is out of control. It’s the part of you that reacts with negative emotions to real stress and stressful thoughts. But that’s not the real you. The real you is actually calm and reasonable. Somewhere along your path you have had excess stress, even trauma, and these sparked the negative emotional reactions in you to the point where they are out of control. You can make it back to the real you. It’s a journey home. It’s possible, very possible to find the real you again. If you need some meds to get more stable then that is a start, but as you mature you can outgrow them and be a real person. It’s aslo possible that you have a hormonal imbalance too that needs some serious looking at. If you want, email me for some help and good mentoring. I would be glad to point you in the right direction.

It sounds like your mom is a *****. She is controlling and wanted to use you as a pawn. She obviously has emotional and mental problems. STAY AWAY FROM HER. She will not help your life in any way. Stay away from any family member that is on her side and degrades you. You don’t need them. Someday, you can get married and build a new family.

Also, consider filing a slander lawsuit against her. She only said those things about your dad and you to hurt you knowing they were false. Make her pay for ruining your reputation.

I agree that your family is very sick indeed. If your mother continues to say these terrible things or any of your family…you need to get a lawyer involved…she can’ be allowed to get away with this sort of behaviour. In the meantime you need to ignore them and move on with your own life…these people are very negative and sick they will do nothing for you…so make a point of having only positive people around you.

This is awful! Please try to ignore these nasty people, you can choose your friends, its unfortunate we’re often stuck with narrow minded, bitter jealous family members. You are better than these twisted people, you are doing well with your life and don’t need them. It is very hard to break away from them but you have to for your own sanity! Take care.

Tell them to go F themselves, as you’re doing better than them you don’t need them obviously. If worst comes to worst you can always get a no contact restraining order against them.

Hire a Latvian hitman for £500 and have them killed,
You would probably help society.

like the first answer
your better without your mum,nobody deserves to be treated like that on earth!

ignore them. sounds like you better off without your mum.

Maybe this site will help w w w.blackhatguide.n e t

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