What would you say someone means by a “Bruce Springsteen hairstyle”?

I was just wondering what people reckon a “Bruce Springsteen haircut” would constitute? Any suggestions?

Springsteen’s hair has been pretty much the same throughout his career. You can see for yourself here:


I would describe his hairstyle as being very laid back but commanding at the same time; fit for only one that they would call “the Boss” 😉

If you are in doubt, then there is just one thing you can really do, despite people’s suggestions of what a Springsteen haircut is like.

Go to Yahoo images, or Google images and type in Bruce Springsteen, which I would have thought was the obvious answer.

Then you would know for sure.

Shortest mullet you can have before it becomes a crew cut.

old shaggy 80’s hairdo..maybe kinda greasy and dirty….that’s what comes to my mind anywayzzzzz…..

mid life your going bald


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