What’s the best way to get from Amsterdam airport to the Best Western Eden Hotel?

I’m going in September for a long weekend and was wondering what options I have, and which would be best and safest, and how much they would cost. My brother’s said the train station within the airport can be a bit dodgy. I’m female and travelling with a female friend, and meeting other mates at the…

No problem at 9.30 am; take the train from Schipol, it’s about 4 or 5 dollars as I recall, and take a cab from Central Station to the hotel (or walk, it’s not that far).
have fun, be sure to go to the art fair in Rembrantsplein on Sunday morning.

“The airport shuttle bus departs from Schiphol Airport every half hour and stops at the Rembrandtplein Square (50 meters from the hotel). Tickets are available on the bus. There is a railway station in the terminal’s central hall, under Schiphol Plaza; direct trains run to Amsterdam Centraal Station (200 meters from the hotel) approximately every 15 minutes. Schiphol Travel Taxis are available from outside the arrivals hall. Much of Amsterdam can be explored on foot although trams run throughout the city. More adventurous visitors may wish to hire bicycles.”

2 kilometer(s) from Amsterdam Central Station

16 kilometer(s) from Schiphol Airport

Answers so far seem bang on, train from Schipol (nothing wrong with them so don’t believe the hype) then either a walk (20-25 mins) or the tram as suggested.

FYI Amsterdam is like any other major city and from a fear point of view I would rather be there than Paris, London or New York. Its much, much safer!!

Normal rules apply – ask for trouble, you’ll get it! Ignore trouble and most of the time it will ignore you. I should think you are more likely to fall out with inebriated tourists than any of the locals – we brits are disgraceful in Amsterdam. Must be somehting in the water….

Oops, there is a BW Amsterdam Eden hotel afterall. Odd that I couldn’t find it yesterday. Anyway, you’re still alright to grab a train to Amsterdam from the airport. Trains between Schiphol and Amsterdam Central are clean, friendly and frequent – but I advise against taking the subway in Amsterdam. It’s awful.

When you get to Amsterdam Central station, walk out the front and you will see streetcars / trams. Get in at the back of a tram, and though you need a ‘strippenkaart’ you can pay the conductor with cash. You need roughly 1.60 euro’s each, be sure to have change then. You need a tram line 4, 9 or 14 to get to Leidseplein (Leiden square), don’t worry about where to get off as Leidsplein is rather large and stops are called in the tram. it’s a short walking distance from the square. Walk towards the Amstel river, as the hotel is on the quay, at number 144. It’s relatively easy.

Do not be tempted to grab a taxi though. There are plenty of rides in front of the Station and at leidseplein as well, but you will see them bickering over you, parking in front of eachother and overcharging you. They’re nothing like taxidrivers in the UK or US, avoid them.

Best Western Eden in Amsterdam is at Amstel 144 near rembrandtsplein. You can take the train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam RAI (stoptrein to Hilversum). It leaves at .10, 27 .40 and .57 at perron 1 from the train station Schiphol
At Amsterdam Rai you take the tram nr 4 to Rembrandtsplein (to Amsterdam Centraal Station). At most 5 min walk to Best Western at Amstel.
Much cheaper than a taxi
Enjoy your stay

Take the hotel shuttle from the Airport…leaves every 30 mins…

get a taxi from the airport

take a taxi and ask him/her before the ride –how much it will cost. good drive.

As ever, McAtterie is your man…

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