Why do i think the baby picture of Adolf Hitler is cute?

Why do i think this baby picture of Adolf Hitler is cute?


Some people think little baby snakes are cute. They’ll still bite your *** when they
grow up. :0)

Hitler Baby Picture

Because you are genetically programmed to think that babies are cute. If you were given that picture and told to kill the baby because when it grew up it would murder millions of people the probability is you would not be able to do it, because babies are adorable to normal people and that is natures way of protecting our progeny..

Because babies are built to be cute. If babies looked ugly would you want to take care of them, or raise them for 20 fraking years? Yeah, cuteness helps civilization.

You personally find it cute, which is normal. Different people find different things cute.

All babies always look cute.

What is your point?

because either your a nazi, or he’s geneticaly similar to you.

because he was cute! awwww . 🙂

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