Why do Neandercons keep linking 9/11 to the Iraq war even after it was proven that AlQaeda was never there?

They just dont get it for some reason. Only after the war did GWB invite AlQaeda into Iraq with his goof ups. Now please repeat after me ” 9/11 was not related to Iraq” again…..” 9/11 was not related to Iraq”. Good I pray that it sinks into your skulls.

OK. I did repeat after you and I believe you are right!!

I hope you like my source! lol

President Bush, nor anyone that I have heard has linked Saddam, and Iraq to 9/11. But there is plenty of evidence that saddam was supporting terrorists. From Saddam paying families of terrorist that died killing inocents in Israel, to actual training facilities for terroists in Iraq. The reasons that the president gave for invading Iraq are very valid.
1)Wmd’s…. Saddam used wmd’s in 1991 on his own people. The question is, what happened to them. The Butler report states that Saddam did not posses them, but did have in place many policies to resume production as soon as the U.N sanctions were lifted.
2) Saddam ignored more than 14 U.N. resolutions.
3) Saddam violated the cease fire agreement from the first Gulf war. This is justification for war by itself.
4) Saddam continued his policy of ethnic cleansing, even after the first Gulf war. It has been reported that he ordered the death of more tthan 300,000 people since 1991.
5) A goverment in the middle east that represents the will of the people would be a huge step towards stability in that region. This is the reason that Iran provides training, money and weapons to the foriegn fighters that are responsible for the attacks in Iraq. If Iraq succeeds, then Iran’s people will revolt against the leaders in order to have the same style of government there.
These are just a few of the reasons the president gave, but the idea that Saddam was behind the 9/11 attacks did not come from the administration……and you will not be able to provide any evidence to the contrary.

I wonder where our bed-wetting liberals came up with the idea it was a touchy-feely, warm-fuzzy world, or are they still foaming at the mouth because Bush outsmarted them twice in a row? al queda DID have training camps in Iraq, and every intelligence agency in the world, from Mossad to the KGB, to the CIA believed wmds were in Iraq. No one is certain the wmds were not moved to Syria just prior to the invasion. Repeating a lie does not make it the truth hamilton, your whining and screeching does not translate into Bush saying Iraq was responsible for 9-11. Suggest you check your sources, defying at least 17 UN resolutions, as well as cease fire agreements, was the basis for invading Iraq.

What you say is so true. We were told Iraq was a threat to America because they had WMD’s. They didn’t. Now we’re told we must stay the course and stabilize Iraq to bring democracy to that country. It will never happen. Now we’re being told about the threat of Iran. What’s next–we’re threats to each other?

We were also told that Sadaam allowed terrorists to train in Iraq. Another lie. Sadaam wouldn’t stand for stuff like that simply because he was the sole ruler of his country. And it was also proven that Sadaam didn’t want anything to do with terrorists.

I mean what good would it have done him to have terrorists there when he was trying to have sanctions lifted? Sadaam was brutal, I think we all can agree on that. We can agree that the Iraqi people deserved freedom.

I think where we might disagree is who is truly responsible for creating this beehive of terrorists that exist in Iraq now.

Continued belief in a delusion in light of evidence that it is false is symptom of Schizophrenia, most Bush supporters suffer from some sort of mental illness.

It is a false validation of Bush’s erroneous decision to invade Iraq.

Oil and military bases.

Why does it even bother you? If their thinking like this doesn’t change your life any just let it go!

Why do Liberals keep thinking Al Queda was made up by GOP to win votes?

Al Qaeda had training camps there.
How did you miss that?

Now, please repeat after me: “Democrats stop supporting Insurgents & Terrorists”. “Democrats stop supporting Insurgents & Terrorists”.

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