Will Northern Ireland become independent before 2015?

Scotland are considering independence, so why can’t Northern Ireland become an independent state or unite with the Republic?

Should have not rejoined the Union in the first place. The only people who disagree are those deluded bigots who live in that part of IRELAND and hate everything IRISH.*
If they want to be British, then what’s stopping them moving to Britain?

It’s up to them. If the majority voted to leave, so be it. However, they would be in grave financial difficulties. The Republic of Ireland couldn’t afford to subsidise them, like UK and there would be a security problem with disaffected Unionists.

@ BB. Please learn a bit of geography and political history. England is not an Island. England, Wales and Scotland share the island of Great Britain. Northern Ireland is an equal partner with England, Wales and Scotland as part of UK.

As Paul says Northern Ireland have not the resources to go independent unlike Scotland. The Good Friday Agreement has enshrined that N.I. stays part of the UK until the majority votes otherwise and in my opinion I can’t see the “status quo” changing for the foreseeable future, thankfully!!

Doesn’t I don’t think they will by 2015 personally. There are far more benefits being part of the UK so I don’t see why they would want to. It’s up to them if they wanted independence they would probably get it eventually but they must give it far more thought and way out the advantages against the disadvantages. Serious thought needs to be put into it and I doubt it’s going to happen just to have a patriotic “win”.

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If you lived in Scotland you might have a different opinion , nationalism is on the rise here in a big way, day by day there is growing support for an independent Scotland, and its a matter of WHEN not IF we become independent.

it would never go independent as it hasn’t got any money or any means of generating any, (unlike Scotland which has Oil and gas) at the moment it survives because the british government sinks billions of pounds a year into the place. massive investment in housing, education, business regeneration, job creation and of course the huge welfare bill keeping thousands of idiots in Xboxs, special brew, benson and hedges and celtic and rangers shirts. (with enough left over for them to buy a milk bottles worth of petrol on a friday night to throw at each other or the police) (its worth mentioning the South also contribute respectable amounts of money towards the North on various ‘projects’)
As for joining Ireland that is as far away as ever, the republic hasn’t got the money to take over the full time running of Ulster and the people south of the border have enough to worry about at the moment without the addition of 1 million people who don’t want to be there!

Honestly that’s up to northern Ireland. Now they should be prepared for rejection if worst comes down to it.

Its gone FAIRLY quiet there for the last few years. Lets not stir the pot for a while.

Still unlikely but could happen.

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