2000 Mustang GT V8? Add ons? Extras?

I recently purchased a 2000 Mustang GT V8 and was wondering if there’s any cheap after market parts too spice it up? It already has low profile tires with bullet 17″ rims, added hood scoop, true dual exhaust, and a cold air intake. What else is there too ad? I am only 16 and short on cash. So only small…

gt’s stock exhaust are dual, true dual.

for under 100 bucks your flat **** out of luck. mods, arent cheap. you pay to play.

http://www.americanmuscle.com/ <— try here

anything for your car under 100$ is a POS. if you want to get serious with your performance. get a job or wait til your all growed up and get a job. not trying to be “haitin” on you but you need a dose of reality in the world of cars and performance.

throttle body/plenum -300~
gears- 170~
tune- 400+
underdrive pulley-200~
short throw shifter 170~
control arms /lower/upper 300~
springs- 300~
struts- 350~
ported heads- 700+
275mm+ tires on a 17 X 9 rim – 1000~ for all 4

these are all with out labor which will probably be more than the cost of most the parts. your not going to notice any real hp til you add a lot and than tune your car + for 93 octane. most of you kids think adding a CAI will give you 15hp. in reality its more like 2-4. but thanks for driving/choosing muscle and not that import crap.i really do appreciate it

Cat delete could be added at muffler shop or do yourself for about that. Also get tech savvy guy to reflash pcm with laptop and slip him some cash. you may be able to find used headers for about that price as well. lower ratio rear gears can be got used for about that price. used short throw shifter.

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