Adults, what sorts of things have you learned in life?

Hi, im a 17 year old boy, and an interesting thought came in to my head today, which was that I wish I know now what I will know at 50, because life is a learning experience. I’m also interested about the different things one learns (not because i don’t think theres anything to learn, i’m just…

G I have learned to have confidence in the results from using the LDK.

Life Decryption Key-Shortest
By Generalist 02-09

Life often looks like a secret puzzle or an encrypted message, especially when we are facing problems. We need to decrypt the message and make some decisions.
The first decision is; do we want to control our lives, or rely on outside forces. The second is whether we believe that causes produce effects.

This document is intended for those who want to control their lives and accept that causes produce effects. The question naturally occurs, “What are the right causes to optimize life for oneself and others?” The causes should be based on what is verifiable and universally true. There are three kinds of causes; thought, speech and action. All three, except those triggered by autonomic responses, are directed by our minds and described with language. Our minds are inseparable from language. Voluntary actions follow from thought framed in words, or the prejudices and opinions we substitute for thought. Even our prejudices and opinions are based on words. The words we think in and say are actions. It is therefore useful to examine the words that express our basic approaches to life in order to look for improvement.

Please write down all the words of intangibles that attach to life such as beliefs, faith, love, imagination, dreams, life, hope, fear, hate etc. Then write down all the words that relate to the tangible aspects of life like action, body, wood, water, food. The list of tangibles and intangibles is endless. However, the inseparability of tangible and intangible aspects is summed up in the Japanese words Myo-ho. Why use Japanese words? The concept originated in Japan and can’t be expressed as well in another language.

Write down all the words for causes you can think of and effects those causes can have. They are all summed up in the words Ren-ge. Causes simultaneously produce effects like the flower and the seed of the lotus.

Everything is always changing. Write down all the words that come to mind about things changing-Clouds, faces, butterflies, concepts, memories and on and on. They are all summed up in the Japanese word Kyo. Because everything is always changing, no one is stuck where shehe is.

The three words Myoho Renge Kyo include every aspect of life and serve as the Life Decryption Key.

Add the shortened Sanskrit verb for focusing intention and create Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. This, spoken repeatedly with the palms pressed together, focuses the mind-brain-body on the essential realities. It releases delusions and limitations as reliably as vitamin C cures scurvy. It works best when conducted together with other people, who are also trying to have great lives by training their mind-heart-bodies by using the LDK.

Source: Or
Caveat; SGI does not use the term life decryption key and may use additional translations of Myoho, Renge, and Kyo. The term ”Life Decryption Key” is my attempt to summarize the essence of the philosophy taught by SGI in functional language.

It’s not all about school learning, but life experiences. Also the lessons we learn throughout that define who we are and who we will become. I can definitely say that College was a great life experience, which defined me and made me realize who I am as a person. Oh yeah, I also learned some cool things along the way.

Seeing the world, getting out of your environment or culture are a great and wonderful way to learn about yourself and other people, other civilizations. There are things out there that are not quite the same learning experience as seeing a location with your own eyes, not a picture in a book. In my experience, there are places in this world that no pictures will ever do justice.

The more you learn about who we are as humanity, the more you gratitude you will have, and the more optimism you will find, and treasure. It is always easy to complain about small, everyday things, but when you step outside of the box, you can learn not to take things for granted.

A good lesson for me, has been to choose my battles, and expect nothing from the world, as the world gives me everything, yet owes me nothing.

Write back when your 50 and tell us.But one thing you will learn is that the more people you trust the more you will get screwed over.And never never never you’s credit.You will pay beyond the grave.When you have a job allways be there early and leave late.And try to be the best at what you do.You will be rewarded greatly for this.

I have learnt so much:

> Trust my own thoughts – I have predicted many of the world trends

> The mind is more powerful than One can imagine – If I were 17 now – my word would I be learning = Accelerated learning, Multiple Intelligent, NLP, EFT etc.. (look them up, they are the power tools of the future)

> Love isn’t about perfection – it’s about accepting

I think when you are young that adults in their desire to increase your self confidence will tell you how marvelous you are, how beautiful, how special and talented and capable. They will say you are quite unique, there was never such a wonderful kid as you.
Later, when you are fifty, the thought of this makes you laugh. By then you’ve met many people more intelligent, more beautiful, more capable than yourself.
You find that your main value was in “being there.” When your baby needed sung to, there you were. When your husband needed a hug, he came rushing home to you. When your aged mother reached out for your hand on her deathbed, it was your warm hand she found, and your voice saying, “I love you, Mama.”
When you say to yourself, “What did this talented, beautiful, marvelous child accomplish?” the answer is just, “I added to the lives of others.”

If a really hot girl comes onto you run.
Don’t trust anyone who starts a sentence with do you trust me.
Never wear your socks in the rain
A banker is a guy who will give you his umbrella on a sunny day and the moment that it begins to rain he’ll want it back.
If you think it’s too good to be true it probably is
Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.
same as Live for nothing or die for something.
It is said that we should honor our parents, but they need to be honorable.
List is endless.

Not to put up with peoples crap
not to put with bad service
not to give friends a loan as you never get it back and it ruins you friendship

smile to a stranger it can make their day
help a lady with a baby or small child if you see them struggling with shopping trolley. Its hard to hold a trolley and put bags in the car.
and most of all if you love someone never go to bed angry and tell your beloved you love them because you can lose them all to quickly
too many people died on the roads etc.

Love is central. Learn how to find it and take care of it as early on in life as you can.

The more I know the more I know I don’t know.
That which is rewarded is repeated.
What comes around goes around.
Do unto others…
Trust your instincts.
Be true to yourself.
Don’t lie, cheat, or steal.
The human mind has infinite power.
Whatever you do comes back to you 10 times, so do good.
Pay it forward.

We are never prepared for what we expect. ~James A. Michener, Caravans

everything in moderation….
but I am not 50, only a couple decades shy,
but why not take it all in?

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