(All Categories)Who’s earned more pts. than me this week?

Trust me I’m not bragging, just bored.
Ten pts. to whoever answers first with more pts. earned this week.
And If you want an additional ten pts. totaling twenty pts. Please find my question about Mass Asses in the Jokes and Riddles section 3 days ago, It’s in the wrong section, but deserves an answer…

I have 😀
I’ve gotten over 2,372 and counting :))

properly, they might probable be a cheater with 2 debts and on one they ask questions and on the only the place the earned 2,000 factors in one week they answer it and reward themself terrific answer for an further 10 factors. Or they actually earned the standards a technique or the different.

I earned 1098 this week. And moved up a level.


K, I can’t find that question so far…give me a minute here.

Also, forgot to say, DEAL


You are a funny guy. I went through J&R, there is no such question. HA HA HA!!! I went right through to 5 days ago.

I’m not even on level 2 yet, so Deal.

EDIT: I can’t find the question. Can you post the link?

EDIT2: I’ve been through all the pages and I haven’t found it. I give up.


I can’t find that question. Post a link?

I have earned 515 points so far.

Are u pink? cause pink guys dont like masses .

Not me! You must be bored as hell to get that many points? No life huh?

This week, 1,093… nothing impressive.

Last week, I earned 3,696.

this week -17

total: 281(after this question)

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