Am i going to be taller than my dad?

Hi I am 13 years old and a boy. My mom is 5”4 or 5”5 and my dad is 6”1. My dad is the youngest out of all his brothers and he ended up being the tallest. Right now i am about 5”3 or 5”4 but I think i am still going through puberty. My dads brothers on average are around…

Ask your doctor. He will be able to make a fairly accurate estimate based on your height when you were 2-3 y.o.

I wish you well.

5’3 5’4? Then yeah you may grow as tall as him, or even taller. My dad is 5’9; his older brother is like your height, and I’m 5”8 and a half; I’m 20 and I’m still growing and hopefully I’ll be taller then my dad too!

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