Arab muslim man marrying a hispanic american woman?

Okay so I need someone’s honest advice. I been talking to this guy and we started talking from this online language exchange website. I wanted to learn arabic and he wanted to learn english. In the beginning, we were just practicing and talking about simple things then as time progressed I started to like him…

Honestly, i think if he really loves you he should visit you first, the having more than one wife thing is true, but this is really old fashion, you don’t see this much anymore, especially now because women have a little more power in the arab world

Unfortunately, it sounds like there are more cons in this situation than pros and that guy was right, Arab men are not known to treat women with much respect. Particularly Americans. So I would just try to get over him. It is probably just not meant to be and I’m sure you’ll find someone else :).

Americans do not know a lot about anything outside theri own country. They learn geography by starting wars in foreging countries and seeing the map on the evening news. Otherwise they do not know where the rest of the world is. I think most americans would be really surprised if they saw the high standards of technology, education and standard of living in many Arab countries.

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i hope you havent made a decison yet.
im spanish but i know so many arabic boys,
i fell in love with a arabic guy so hard.
but its true./
at the end of the day we not **** to them,
they are most likely to end up with a arabic woman.
and plus my friends told me that also they just want a american woman so they can get a green card.
dont do it.

Omg first of all meetin men or women online is so not good for u dont know human in person.. Especially in another state or country and how can u love someone u dont even know in person u only chat with him online makes no sense to me..,. You dont know if he or she is killer of rapist or robber etc…..

Nah just don’t I know that for a fact that arab men tends to have several wives,so say to him…No te bayas cabron regresa lol

Don’t go.
Their culture is 360 degrees different from yours. Women dont have much right there (or at all).
I am telling you for your own sake.

My advice to non middle eastern girls:
If a middle eastern man really loves you he will introduce you to his family or tell his family about you.
If your kept a secret from his family because he tells you he will be shamed for it then he doesn’t expect to marry you in the future. MAKE HIM TELL HIS FAMILY ABOUT YOU (PERIOD).

He only wants you for money and to get out of his country!!


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