Are the current high gas prices more punishment from God for our tolerance of “the gay agenda”?

I’m levelling this question specifically at the sorts of Christians who believe all the natural disasters and terrorist attacks in recent years are God’s outpouring of wrath due to our tolerance. I’m just wondering where you draw the line concerning God’s wrath. Not a sarcastic question at all -…

I find it totally unbelievable that some religious believers tend to blame G-D for homosexuality & natural disasters..

There are none so blind as those who choice thinking this way,not using the brains we’ve been given.. Reading some of the ridiculous questions/answers on Yahoo,wonder if some even have brains..

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We can’t know the answers for certain. More than likely gas prices are a part of the destruction of the U.S. We are not mentioned in the end times prophecys except perhaps symbolically as “the young Lion”. The symbol for the British empire is the Lion and we came out of that empire. The Bear is the Soviet Union, The Dragon is China. The Bible describes ALL the nations of the world coming against Israel at Armageddon. The U.S. has always been a supporter of Israel and would not come against Israel, so we have to be gone for this prophecy to take place. One of the prophecys coming true at this time is the mark of the beast, this the RFID chips that will be required in every person by law eventially. These are being made now by VERICHIP. See for verification. The conditions around the world are described in the 24th chapter of Matthew. Earthquakes in diverse places(China, the tsunami a couple of years ago, the loma prieta ‘quake, the Japanese ‘quake, etc) Pestilences like the raspberry ants, fire ants, locusts and so on. Diseases like AIDS Hemorrahgic fever ebola zaire and various others. we have always had these things but not at the current levels. To associate these things to sin, the ‘quake in L.A (northridge) was at the center of porn production in the U.S. The Tsunami was where American pedofiles go to have sex with children. The China ‘quake may be for killing prisoners on trumped up charges to steal their organs for sale. As far as retribution for abortions and acceptance of homosexuality we may be destroyed as a nation altogether, not necessarily with volcanoes (Mt. St Helens) or THE BIG ONE earthquake or hurricanes (Katrina) but a combination of all these things.
Read Rev 13:11-18 for more on the mark of the beast.

California ranks 34th out of the fifty states in SAT scores. Take out the private school numbers and California has to be near the bottom. Rewriting history books and taking time from teaching the basics to teaching agenda is absolutely counter-productive from an education point of view. From a political point of view, it picks up the endorsement of supporters of gay rights, but is that the role of public secondary education, especially in a state that simply can’t get it right educationally?

Is human willingness to submit to superstition and ignorance causing the gas prices to go up? Why yes, it is!! By electing George W. Bush on his credentials as a Christian instead of as a leader, and by allowing him to wrecklessly squander our treasury and run up enormous debts through unnecessary wars, the short-sighted Neo Cons have caused a devaluation of the US dollar. Investors respond to this by moving capital into oil and gold commodities instead of US Dollars, thereby causing the price of gas to go up and the value of the dollar to fall way below the Euro. So thank you to all the Christians out there who voted for Gov. Bush, you can proudly take credit the next time you have to pay $4 a gallon for gas.

I’m sure it would be easier to say it’s the fault of the gays if you are a Christian bigot and if you want to continue deluding yourselves about George W. Bush, but this is even more ignorant and childish than the Christian beliefs themselves.

Yes God is hiding away all the Oil Reserves until the Gays just stop it!!

Once the Gays have come to their right minds the Creation “Science” Geologists will swoop in with the inside knowledge from Gawd and find all the Oil for Jesus!!

Do you really think all Christians think that way? You think we think God cares about gas prices and Ellen marrying her girlfriend?? Give me a freakin’ break.

Even if you’re a fundamentalist (which I’m not), there is nothing in the Bible that suggests God acts like a vending machine, or an “instant karma” machine, giving out punishment and reward like some angry pagan deity, although some “Christians” would like to believe He does.

No gas prices suck, because we’ve been to lazy and preoccupied to force our government to find a better fuel.
We never think about the little things, and take them for granted. Look at the self adhesive stamps & envelops.
We have no one to blame but our selfs, and yes gays are to blame too cause they are part of us, the community that did nothing to corner our governemtn to think ahead. WE were to busy fighting eachother’s intolerences

No, the high prices are due to demand plus throw in greed from the oil companies. Grain is used in the production of ethanol, so the demand for corn is rising and so is the price. The high prices affect the poor the most, so are you insinuating God is punishing the poor?

Gladly, I am not one of the ones that you addressed this question to, because I understand that natural disasters are not necessarily the work of God.

No, God has not run the price of gas up, man has.

How does high gas prices and homosexuals go hand in hand? This is new to me..
God allows things to happen for His own reasonings, and sitting here wondering them will just boggle our brains.

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