Atheists: Do people that speak in tongues need mental help?

At the church I used to go to (atheist now) usually this one lazy would give a “message” in the end of a song on random Sundays, usually something generic like “I will help you through your trials, have faith in me blah blah blah”, and she did that usually every couple Sundays or so. So does she…

When I was young, I was in settings like this. What you are describing is not “speaking in tongues” though. It is considered “prophesying” and is fashionable in Pentecostal and Charismatic groups. No. the lady is not schizophrenic. She is an ordinary person who becomes “high” on her religion–to use a familiar term–and this makes her feel like spontaneous inspirational thoughts are feeding into her head from someplace outside of herself. Because she is in a setting where this is “allowed” and because a part of her is probably big on self-importance or attention-seeking–she acts this way every week.

Speaking in tongues is caused by a disinhibtion in part of the brain and, in these kinds of settings, is also caused by achieving an altered state of consciousness through spiritual/religious reverie.

There are people out in the world who do have audio hallucinations or else who have spontaneous thrashing movements or vocalize gibberish because they have neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia or –with movements–epilepsy or else pseudoepilepsy (a psychiatric disorder). This is different from relatively normal people who experience these things while in altered states of consciousness. because they are Pentecostals or Shamans, or Yogis, etc.

I do not reply each query that I pop up. And I nearly did not reply this one. I simply obvious an reply inform approximately attending a speakme in tongues magnificence. THAT IS VERY WRONG The charismatic church international in these days has faked this and individuals do see via it. This is why there such a lot of atheist and unbelievers on this international. What those church buildings do is an abomination and a mockery to the Holy Ghost. And their faking or as they are saying training tongues has prompted many individuals to show down a avenue to hell. Tongues are truly, they’re a reward from God. You do not train them they’re given to you. When any person teaches you to mention a host of jumbled phrases that’s now not tongues however a mockery. I have heard a few inform individuals to mention sellemahonda (promote them a honda) youtiemytieI’lltieyourtie ( you tie my tie I’ll tie your tie) These and the such like don’t seem to be from God. God has no intent to false them. I want a few of these unbelievers would see the truly tongues. All of the fake religions who’ve prompted others to move off target might be judged. They might be judged earlier than the sinners and unbelievers. The Bible says judgment ought to first start on the residence of God.

I think of them more as those people at parties who, if they get even a pity laugh, won’t stop acting ridiculous just to get a laugh
it’s an attention thing

Edit: everyone likes attention, whether they care to admit it or not, unless they have an anxiety disorder or something of the like

I wonder. I’ve seen completely normal, rational people babble in tongues and it’s so weird. I don’t think they have a mental problem, I think they’ve just been brain washed into thinking it’s the voice of god channeling through them.

There’s a thin line between mental sickness and the human unconscious. Sometimes I doubt it exists.

There is a method to it, people learn how. It’s been admitted by people no longer in the religion.

They are faking it.

Not mental help…just a little bit of honesty

she either has schizophrenia or shes just doing it for attention! 😛

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