Athiests who only ask religous based questions in Yahoo Answers……..?

Are atheists who ONLY ask questions in the religion/spiritual section similar to men who claim to be heterosexual but are constantly, ONLY, talking about homosexual men………….

despite so many ppl picking on your choice of wordhing… i get ur point.. and i was thinking the same exact thing right about now… lol

i’m on page 3 and still reading up on a bunch of non-religious related questions…

i can’t even find a serious question to answer in this section until a good 5 minutes of browsing the category ๐Ÿ™‚

and if someone does post a serious question… then within minutes a group of atheists swarms there to crack jokes, be sarcastic, argue, or to tell that person how stupid they are….

whatever ๐Ÿ™‚


I (well, this account – VN country) ask questions here, as well as answering far more. In other sections I have answered a lot more questions, but have only asked very few. I’ve yet to visit the LGBS section, let alone ask a question there, so in this case there is no similarity! My other sections are mainly History and Astronomy, with a few others.

The main difference is that I have a certain knowledge about those subjects, so I’m able to answer quite a few of the common questions. The subjects are not overly contentious, although there is room for various points of view. The questions are mainly factual, so straight-forward answers suffice.

In R&S, it’s very different. It’s probably a bit more like the Politics section, but with smarter people. There are two main stances of theism and atheism, and there are far more questions regarding this difference than simple factual questions about doctrine, interpretation, quote searches, or whatever.

Why do I think this? This question! Plus the high proportion of similar ones addressed at atheists. This place is chock-full of atheists and theists questioning, even interrogating each other, grilling over all sorts of points and reasons. This is the real raison d’รชtre of R&S! Everything else is secondary…

I’m curious to hear the responses people give.

I’m an Atheist but I’m interested in religion and the history of it (looking into the whole history of Christianity as well as other religions was the reason why I became an Atheist), I find it fascinating. Is that weird then?

And for the record, I ask questions on other parts of Yahoo, I’ve only recently got into the R&S part of Yahoo Answers.

No. That’s nonsense. And I’m tired of explaining why someone would be interested in discussing religion even though they don’t believe in God. To understand requires a certain level of maturity and awareness of the world around them.

And religion represents the ‘homosexual men’?

BTW, I as an atheist, never claimed to be ‘non-spiritual’ or to never have had my own kind of ‘religious experience’.

It isn’t called G&S. (god and spirituality).

Edit: and What Dreamstuff said.

I don’t believe I’ve ever met a man who claimed to be heterosexual and ONLY talked about homosexuals. Therefore your analogy is completely invalid.

This is the most fun place to be on Yahoo Answers but I also go to politics and government.
I guess I must like a good argument.

No. It’s just fun to win rational arguments and as an atheist I find that it’s not all that hard to do that around here…

I’m not bashing or calling you stupid or anything. It’s just that we brought you penicillin and you brought us an invisible man who lives in the sky and loves us.

Oh look I just did it again…. It’s a good way to de-stress….

I know, this is funny! For not believing in God, and attesting that they do not care about religion or religious people, atheists sure are obsessed with spending every waking moment taking about religion!

I post in other areas as well.

My time spent in R&S is to try to wean people off the lies of religion. I consider this a worthwhile pursuit.

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