Britons: Why do guys try to deny losing to America in 2 wars and try to deny how they saved you in WW2?

This is serious. First of all you try to make up excuses for losing the Revolutionary war saying that the French helped them even though you guys waged war with them so you brought that one on yourself. Secondly, stop trying to deny that you lost the War of 1812. If you would have one then America would be called…

your a total dimwit a gobshite with no grasp whatsoever of reality the Americans could not have won without France,Spain,Dutch Republic plus the British themselves Americas first Army was created during the War and was set up and trained by British troops who had turned on their own country

At Yorktown, the victory that signalled an end to the conflict for the British, Frenchman outnumbered Americans almost three to one! Washington had 11,000 men engaged in the battle, while the French had at least 29,000 soldiers and sailors. The 37 French ships-of-the-line played a crucial role in trapping the 8,700 strong British army and winning the engagement

While the British won most of the battles, (despite often being outnumbered ), the conflict was really won by France Spain and Holland who also declared war on Britain with Russia Sweden and Denmark also denying trade. The coup-de-grĂ¡ce was when French ships blockaded Chesapeake bay denying Cornwallis any relief and then a storm prevented him from retreating across the river, giving him no choice but to surrender, but his surrender,was not the reason for the British ending the war his army only represented about a 3rd of British troops in America, now engaged in all out war with France Spain and Holland and Russia Sweden and Denmark also acting up, the Americas and the war there became of little interest and of no importance, Britain could have fought on in America, but with Britain under threat of invasion her very existence under threat decided to consolidate her forces to fight France and Spain directly and in doing so defeated them,bottom line the British won nearly every battle and they didn’t lose the war they walked away from it through choice

in 1812 Britain was heavily engaged in the Napoleonic Wars, America declared war on the British and tried to invade Canada with the intention of conquering it they didn’t succeed the war lasted from 1812-1815 and resulted in 1,600 British deaths and 2,260 American deaths

the British achieved their military objectives in 1812 (by stopping the repeated American invasions of Canada ) and Canada retained her independence of the United States, where as the Americans suffered defeat when their armies failed to achieve their war goal of seizing part or all of Canada additionally, the US lost as it failed to stop impressment, there main excuse for declaring war which the British refused to repeal at the end of the war, this war was not about British expansion it was about American expansion,

as for WW2 you idiot Germany didn’t declare war on Britain, Britain declared war on Germany, and Hitler straight away attempted to come to peace terms with Britain after the defeat of France in 1939, Hitler was an Anglophile, he loved Britain and the British people proof of this can be seen in the admiration Hitler expressed for Britain in Mein Kampf, he offered peace to the British Numerous times during World War 2, Rudolph Hess even parachuted in to make peace so how the f@ck do idiots like you work out we needed saving, we were at war through our own choice

“No sacrifice would have been too great in order to gain England’s alliance”
Adolf Hitler – 1936
“Germany will dominate Europe, and England the world outside”.
Adolf Hitler – 1936

any help that came from America was bought and paid for and your soldiers were just fighting a war no different from any other solder, and it was British technology and engines that updated and powered your useless planes and tanks, as well as British made weaponry ie machine guns and so on that replaced your out dated WW1 weapons, it was the British who captured and broke the enigma codes,the British who destroyed the German Luftwaffe the British who destroyed the German navy including the u boats the British who destroyed the Italian army the British desert rats who defeated Rommel and British commandos operating behind the lines through out the war, but do you ever hear the British demanding gratitude from anyone! no you don’t you feeble effeminate little sissy

Before I respond to your question, I just want to make it clear that I like America and the American people in general. I am grateful for all allied military personnel, regardless of nationality, for their contributions in world war two.

1) Yes, we lost the Revolutionary War. No one is disputing that, and no one in Britain even cares. However, it’s historical fact that the French and Spanish helped the American revolutionaries. No one’s making excuses, the British lost, but the French and Spanish (amongst others) were involved, you can’t just deny that.

2) We didn’t lose the war of 1812. Whilst fighting Napoleonic France, Britain still achieved a number of military victories against America. Ultimately, the war was a ‘draw’, with things going back to how they were prior to the conflict. Oh, and just so you know, there is a place called ‘New England’ in the United States. It’s home to about fifteen million people.

3) Britain had already won the Battle of Britain before America entered the war. This victory ended all hope of a German invasion of Britain, so, even without American intervention, we wouldn’t be speaking German. I’m not saying we’d have won the war without America, but we wouldn’t have been invaded either. The Americans made a huge contribution during world war two, although if anyone deserves credit for defeating Hitler, really it’s the Russians.

As I said before, I like Americans, but I don’t feel the need to ‘thank America’, and certainly not you personally. Have you thanked England for the language you speak? Or the common law system, on which your legal system is based? Have you thanked Britain for being pretty much the only major country to support your invasion of Iraq? Of course not, and I wouldn’t expect you to. Allies work together, we help each other out, but, to be honest, your attitude isn’t helping. America and Britain share such a great relationship, don’t try and spoil it by being petty.

The Revolutionary War and the war of 1812 happened a very long time ago. There are not many people around who would ‘make excuses’. Can you tell us your source?

As for WW2, I’m not sure that anyone says that America did nothing. Many years ago there was talk that America delayed helping us until they were affected directly by the attack on Pearl Harbour. Whether this is true or not, there is no doubt whatsoever that America helped us in a big way. Please let me know who it is you believe doesn’t appreciate this and should today ‘man up and thank America’ for all it has done. Clearly you believe that we, in the UK don’t appreciate it and I can telll you that this is not true.

I can also tell you that we don’t appreciate being accused of making excuses for wars that happened 200 years ago, or being told that we’d be “speaking German right now” if America hadn’t bailed us out.

You may not know this but we’ve not long finished paying for being bailed out in 1945.

By americ do you mean the USA?

The french did help, they did most of the fighting – more french faught than americans and don’t forget some americans fought on the side of England.

I do believe there is a place in America called new England.

Were we gtting our asses beat – not a suprise really considering the UK was alone in Europe. Er I think you are confusing things, the Japanese and Germans were not allies they were diiferent wars. America only joined because they were offered the enigma code breaking.

American here. I’ve only heard a very few Brits have this attitude. Most Brits are thankful as are we for the great friendship the two countries have. We got lucky in 1812, militarily, they kicked our @$$, it was politics that saved us. Hell, we only won one battle and the war was already over.

Are people really still arguing about a 200 year old war? Britain is our best friend and vice versa, why try to stir up trouble with the only nation that is always there when we need them. We are there for them as well.

And in many ways, we were siding with Britain before we entered the fight. We sent them much in the way of aid, arms, ship and food. Roosevelt wanted to join on Britain’s side and we probably would have sooner or later. Pearl Harbor only sped up the inevitable.

1. Don’t forget the Dutch and Spanish too.

2. The war of 1812 was a draw (and the Yanks started it while England was busy waging war with France again)

3. They didn’t save us in WW2 but they certainly helped and it’s no secret Churchill wanted the US in the war. Ironically the Americans wrote off German debt from the Marshall plan but still made Britain pay.

4. Can you name the only country that’s ever dropped nukes on civilians?

I haven’t met anyone who’s denied it – though, I’ve never asked.

The US did not save Britain in WWII. It was handled, mostly. Besides, it was the Russians that really saved Britain.

I am only upset that we bombed two Japanese cities, even if it did seem necessary at the time. There were children – babies, there. And we blew them all up.

Americans are OK but tend to be too full of themselves. I prefer to remember the contribution of Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders.. Let’s not forget their selflessness and humility in helping defeat Nazi Germany you don’t see them coming on here asking us Brits to lick their a$$es over their contribution. The Nazis manipulated sentiment among the large German American population esp in Texas, Missouri and Wisconsin and anti-British sentiment rose high, meanwhile our Canadian and Anzac brothers were laying down their lives to defeat German tyranny. Who really saved Britain during WWII – it was the Russians.Their masses civilian losses and their tenaciousness in holding onto Stalingrad combined with the Russian winter really defeated the Nazi war machine. The USA instead relied on a show of nuclear power causing massive civilian deaths in Japan even as Hirohito was ready to negotiate a peace settlement.

Because we’re the cutest little tsundere’s alive~ <3

& Hitler NEVER declared war on America. America joined the war BECAUSE of pearl habour. GAWD. GET IT RIGHT.

Don’t let all those British teenagers on Xbox live get to you. And for the record, I live in New England which is in North America…

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