Can you help with this please(getting desperate)?

A week before my period i get pms,i get so irritated that if my friend is chewing loudly i snap and tell her to either chew quietly or spit the damn thing out!lol,but on top of that i get backache,tired ,hot sweats,some days before my period are worse than others,i feel very emotional.and now ive popped into see my…

You could try Evening Primrose oil and Vitamin B12. These have worked wonders for me.

primrose oil!

pms unfortunately is a hormonal thing

the best thing to do is to take some form of hormone – hence your dr putting you on the pill.
how long did you try the pill for?
it takes about 3 months for it to start working on your pms
and even them it takes a while for it to work properly
iv been on the pill since i was 14 (terrible periods)
just came off it – 21
and im moody, my sex drive is ruined, im in pain, and its all back to the start

unfortunatly 1 in 3 people get cancer and 1 in 4 with it will die from it
the study between cancer and the pill did not show a massive prevalence, but some pills have less of a prevalence. all medication carries its risks, all hormonal therapies for women carry risks to breasts and reproductive organs.

the best thing for you it to eat well
(lots of red meat (if you eat meat) green veg, and vitamin c)
you could ask your doc if your anaemic (not very many red blood cells)
they could give you some iron tablets, that might help?

more endorphins should sort you out a wee bit?
gentle exercise
comedy shows

hope this helps
sorry about what happened to your mum


Get another doctor and complain about the one that said that to you! Thats disgusting not to mention borderline discrimination! Its not just a case of “deal with it” its a geniune medical problem and there IS help.
I suffer with PMDD which is EXTREME pms, I actually get suicidal it gets that bad, but I can’t have the pill as I’ve had DVT’s and have a blood condition. After a few doctors I found one guy that suggested I try Prozac. I know that seems extreme but its actually helped. I take 10mg of Prozac a day, and in my husbands words “its like living with a normal woman again, not a beserk nutcase” I nearly lost my marriage and my life through listening to doctors like yours. Find a different doctor and keep on at them.

Yep Evening primrose oil is fantastic , i took it when i was young now i’m older and menopausal it’s still great i don’t take HRT . Also watch what your eating around that time eat wholegrain and lots of Veg ,, Stay away from too much Caffeine and Fizzy juice .

As every1 is saying primrose oils tablets, u can get them in any health shop or pharmacy. My mam was unbearable 2live with when she was on she started to take these and was so much more calmer and happier person. anything is worth a try wen u know yourself your a lil bit grumpy!!!
hope they help..

Try homoeopathic medicines. It has helped my niece.

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