Can you name 5 inventions made by Muslims?

Lots of inventions were made by Muslims – Algebra Mathematics, Astronomy and Navigation, Paper, Glass, Mariners Compass to name a few.

Please name 5 other inventions.

only 5??
Brass astrolabe by Muhammad al-Fazari in the 8th century

In 9th century Islamic Spain, Abbas Ibn Firnas (Armen Firnas) invented a primitive version of the parachute.

The first person to realise that rays of light enters the eye, rather than leaving it, was the 10th century Muslim mathematician, astronomer and physicist Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen), who is regarded as the “father of optics”.[40] He is also credited with being the first man to shift physics from a philosophical activity to an experimental one, with his development of the scientific method. The word “camera” comes from the Arabic word qamara for a dark or private room.[

Abo Bakr Al-Razi invented the following chemical processes in the 9th century:

Dry distillation
Calcination (al-tashwiya).
Solution (al-tahlil), sublimation (al-tas’id), amalgamation (al-talghim), ceration (al-tashmi), and a method of converting a substance into a thick paste or fusible solid.

Kerosene and kerosene lamp by al-Razi in the 9th century.

just go to…
and u’ll be amazed

in the final 2 centuries, Arab Muslim technology has been as oppressed via non secular convictions because of the fact the european scientific community replaced into in the time of the dark a while via Christianity, in an analogous way. in spite of if, Arabic technology replaced into at one element the sole risk-free haven of the instructions of Greek and Roman advances in technology, alongside with astronomy, engineering and arithmetic; certainly, Algebra replaced into progressed via Persians from the Greek arithmetic. Italian travellers got here upon this while paying for and merchandising in the 1500s and for that reason replaced into born the Rennaisance. There are no longer some scientists in the international who’ve made contributions to our contemporary technology who’re Muslim; lots of the agricultural advances made in India in the time of the so-suggested as green Revolution of the Nineteen Seventies have been the artwork of Muslim scientists working in the two India and the midsection East. aspects technologies these days has been funded from Gulf states, and one promising new technologies, photoelectrochemistry ( springing up aspects utilising easy falling on reactive silicon chips like image voltaic cells, yet making chemical aspects somewhat of ability) has been a mainstay of universities in Qatar. in spite of everything, to counter the two arguments being made right here in this line, would every physique have believed that a rustic so repressed and reactionary as to have invented the be conscious ‘fowl’ to evade asserting ‘****’ and that made piano legs placed on coverings would, seventy years later, have released probes to the Moon?

Saw many of these on a movie, I think the name was a History Of Islam.

Muslim contributions include:

Astronomy (well a part about using pinholes to see better the stars more clearly and mapping them out)
There was something about banking, An Arab for example could have a credit here for the worth and then go to Spain and show the “voucher” and claim the worth there. Like innovation in banking.
Looming (they made beautiful rugs and fabric with designs for the Europeans.. you can OFTEN find pictures of Mary and other Religious Icon with “Allah” and Quran verses painted into the pictures that the artist did not know what they meant.)
The Windmill (used for bringing water to the surface)
Many Surgical Techniques and thus Instruments used in surgery are still used today,
Soap and shampoo
The game of chess
Though NOT having invented Gunpowder, did upon the formula that made it more stable for use in guns and such.
Someone said Paper.. but I believe it was like Graph paper
The using of Lamps at night to illuminate streets
Al-Jazari invented some early form of mechanical clocks
some used water and weights.
These HUGE water filtration systems.. like gravity fed open pool looking things as the water got high in the first one it flowed in the second then 3rd etc and the unwanted dirt and particles settled in the tank before the next one leaving the water more clean.
Sundials for keeping track of time.
Some of the first “hospitals”. places for bringing the sick and taking care of them.
I remember see a chart that looked like the mappings on a humans insides.. they could invented some of the first steps in mapping human anatomy.
USing of stars at night for traveling and not getting lost, I guess for navigation is the phrase.
Bagdad Use to be a HUGE think tank for great minds from all over to come together and work out and solve problems.

Pretty neat.

EDIT! Ohh yeah “the compass rose” that little design you see inside that looks like a star.
** The Idea of a Parachute
**quadratic equations
** I read coffee, but it’s kinda funny story and hard to believe
so I’m going to cut and paste:The story goes that an Arab named Khalid was tending his goats in the Kaffa region of southern Ethiopia, when he noticed his animals became livelier after eating a certain berry. He boiled the berries to make the first coffee. Certainly the first record of the drink is of beans exported from Ethiopia to Yemen where Sufis drank it to stay awake all night to pray on special occasions. By the late 15th century it had arrived in Mecca and Turkey from where it made its way to Venice in 1645. It was brought to England in 1650 by a Turk named Pasqua Rosee who opened the first coffee house in Lombard Street in the City of London.
funny to think about goats all jacked up on caffine…
**Soup and the 3 course meal
** Gravity fed ink pen
** Globes
**ahaha SOFT DRINKS! Well the carbonization of juices. Same thing.

I’m cheating I put another DVD in called ISLAM: Empire Of Faith.. it has some of these things also

About algebra, mathematics, astronomy, and navigation: the old Greeks, Persians, (in pre-Islamic times), even the Aztecs and the Mayas in the Americas, already possessed knowledge about these “inventions”.

I don’t comprehend the added value of inventions being made by a certain religious group. Inventions are made by human beings independent of religion. They should benefit the Earth and its inhabitants.

we usually cry on the old great days when we used to lead the world in science,


another question always came to my mind, how many inventions and developments today are happening with muslim brains and we don’t know them? we know that there are 100s and 1000s of middle eastern and islamic brains live in the west and work in the R&Ds and in big leading corporations.

clocks including the first pendulum
discovering coffee and sherbert, the first soft drink
soap and public baths
advances in medicine from pills to the first surgical tools
astronomy, algebra and architecture…

jabbir bin hayan
paper is muslim invention i know
al jabra whole subject is invented by arabics
chemistry is derived from arabic word al _chemia
so they are countless

Chines invented the paper. Arabic scholars used to be great, smart as heck and invented a lot of thing. However it seems like muslim society today is still stuck in that time while rest of us have moved on. It does not do them any good in today’s society if some Arabic scholar invented something but they have not built up on it, like western countries have. So no wonder most Muslim countries are behind western countries in technology and science.

I can help you with more than 5..try these links.

here you some of Arabian invention:
ester lab (a calendar tool for more of ten years)
mechanical clock

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