Conspiracy theories in the music industry?

There have been rumors about Jay-z, Lady Gaga, etc. worshiping the devil. People say viligant citizen, youtube videos, etc. are all unreliable and wrong. Maybe the people who make them do have too much time on their hands, but how can you just dismiss the evidence when there is so much of it? I’m not saying its…

the conspiracy actually has the rappers as puppets and are not actually apart of the secret society, but used to control the masses

Pulling the legs of teenagers is fun and can be profitable, specially in the music industry. Look up “Spinal Tap” some time. That’s some of it. Facebook is where teenagers exchange misinformation, and YouTube is the place where frauds post videos. Replace “the Illuminati” with “international Jewry” and you have much the same claptrap that the Nazis circulated. That’s some more of it. The Illuminati idea is hogwash and exists to get people to open dotcom web sites so that they can be exposed to advertising of fraudulent products, books of nonsense, quack medicine and so forth. Every click over a certain number is worth a fraction of a cent to those who own the site. Once it is all set up it’s easy money, and you can post stuff on YouTube and Yahoo! Answers to attract attention. If you get enough viewers on YouTube, they pay you as well, but there the ads are bit more honest. I have seen the “evidence”. It’s rubbish. I know the history too. The Illuminati were primarily an anti-monarchist and progressive political group with mystical leanings established in the mid 1770s by a Bavarian academic named Adam Weishaupt. They were tolerated by the local royals at first, but when the throne passed to another prince, he closed them down along with other secret societies. They ceased to exist in the 1780s and all of them had died of old age by about 1830. The idea was revived as a joke by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea back around 35 years ago as a satire on conspiracy theorists. Wilson was a practical joker. Look him up. Conspiracy theorists are immune to satire and just regard people laughing at them as part of the conspiracy against them. Protestant pastors, particularly the rapture / young Earth creationist type sometimes fall for this sort of thing. Dan Brown who has used the Illuminati hoax in a recent novel, has hardly had an original idea in his life. He just makes money copying old fraud & conspiracy stories which were debunked in Europe 15 or even 40 years ago, unbeknownst to the “well informed” citizens of the USA who imagine it’s all new. Then he takes much of the plot of other novels and combines them. “The Da Vinci Code” is a combination of the 1983 pseudo-history book “Holy Blood Holy Grail” by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln with the action mostly taken from “The Bourne Identity” by Robert Ludlum from 1980. He even named the villain Leigh Teabing. That’s an anagram, by the way.

haha! because they have no basis in reality! It’s like a bunch of little 7th graders spreading a rumor that someone likes someone else. sure it sparks some interest in the topic but at the end of the day it was all hype and no substance.

Does anybody who ***knows*** Jay or Ms. Germanotta have any substantial testimony that backs up such a theory?

EDIT: btw ^^^ that question was rhetorical.

Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley are both still alive. And Kurt Cobain didn’t kill himself, he was killed.

2Pac is alive theory >>> illuminati theory

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