Corvette Z06 or Mustang GT 500?

Which one would you want

well the Z06 is more expensive, so it would be the choice, but the Mustang has the most bang for your buck 🙂

I guess the question is pretty generic since you did not mention any details.

As far as performance is concerned, the Z06 outperforms most production sports cars on the market today including a couple of Porsche’s and Ferraris. Due mainly to its lightweight aluminum chasis, its added horsepower goes along way and its handling kicked some serious butt in Europe.

The GT500 is by far the best Mustang ever, and no doubt its looks are muscular. But the GT500 is not in the same performance category as the best Vette ever made, the Z06.

As we all know, the Mustang has always competed with the Chevy Camaro, not the Corvette.

As far as price goes, the GT500 is officially destined for an affordable MSRP (sticker price), but rest assured it will be difficult to buy one at that price so the GT500’s price will be close to the Vette’s.

My pick: Chevrolet Corvette Z06

I think that the Z06 is proabaly a better car, but I would take the Mustang. I think that the Mustang looks better and is more different from regualr Mustangs than the Z06 is to regualr Corvettes. I like cars that aer a bit different. If the Z06 was offered in a targa top like the regualr vette I would take that.

Corvette Z06 all the way, but I’m a Chevy guy. The LS7 427 engine is just amazing, the car handles like a dream, and I love the cockpit / 2-seater feel of the Vette.

Corvette Z06-0-60=3.7 seconds and Top Speed=198

Mustang GT500-0-60=4.8 seconds and top speed=155

I would definetaly choose the Corvette.

the Corvette ZO6 is the only new car I would ever buy, if I had the money. I like the GT but I am totally in love with the ZO6.

I’d take the Corvette any day. I’ve got respect for the Mustang, but it just isn’t my cup of tea.

zo6 hands down

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