Did you know this about President Barack H. Obama?

When George W. Bush became President on 1/20/01, the national debt was $5,727,776,738,304.64 ($5.7T).
When George W. Bush left office, the national debt was $10,628,881,485,510.23 ($10.6T).
That was an increase of $4,901,104,747,205.59 ($4.9T).
So over the course of 2922 days of George W. Bush, the debt grew by…


People are gonna attack YOU now because you attacking their man and they are in Looove.

Michael P in NJ you reading this? Ill bet in typical NJ style u already KNOW that and you just IGNORE it!

Okay, try to imagine that you live in a building that has been neglected for over eight years while the money to maintain it was spent to send the children of some of the poorer tenants to the people in the next town east of the building to destroy their house because kids from another town stole one of the cars in front of your building and drove it into the building.

Now, over those years the rent money wasn’t enough so the management of the building borrowed a lot more to pay to send the kids to the town to the east. Apparently it was a lot harder to knock down the house than the management thought.

While that was going on the wood trim starts to peel, the plumbing is having problems but the building manager tells all the tenants that we must stay the course and not worry about the building because more kids from the town in the East could come and try and hurt the building. Meanwhile kids living in the building are vandalizing the building doing more damage.

Then all of sudden, at the same time, the plumbing fails, the electric wiring burns out, the sewer system clogs, and serious cracks open up in the foundation. Cracks so serious that building could collapse if something isn’t done right away.

So while all these problems come to light the building manager quits and a new building manager takes over. When he takes over he calls in a plumber, an electrician, an engineer, a mason, and consultants to repair and make life better in the building.

Well they all look at the problems of the building and reported back that the building was in really rough shape. Many problems went unaddressed and festered to a point where failures were imminent. Each tradesman made it really clear that it would cost A LOT to fix these problems but if the building manager waited it would A LOT MORE so the building manager went to the tenants and told what it would take to save the building. Oddly enough some tenants didn’t want to pay the price thinking the building would fix itself. Other tenants were afraid that while all this work was going on the kids from the other towns would come after all people from all the surrounding towns hated the people in the building.

So do what is hard to accept is that the tenants can pay $10 Trillion now to fix the foundation, replace the bad pipes, rewire the building, and unclog the sewer, or $30 Trillion to build a whole new building a few years down the road. What makes more sense?

We’re spending the money no matter what the question is how much.
Obama can do it, or the next guy, if he is sincere about solving problems.

The economy was doing fine until 2006, and it was the housing bust, that was the main cause. Bush did leave us with deficit. Even though the wars are costly, most of Bush’s debt is due to entitlement spending, especially his prescription drug plan. So he lost his conservative fiscal values. But Obama does not have any conservative spending values. He is downright reckless in his pursuit of socializing this nation.

There is some merit to the idea that it costs more to fix a mess than to create it. There is also merit to the idea that one cannot fix a problem until he has a thorough understanding of what the problem is and devises an appropriate strategy to accomplish the “fix.” To take “action” prematurely often results in throwing money at a problem without accomplishing that “fix.”

President Obama has been talking about the need to overhaul our health care system since he first entered the Democratic Party’s presidential primary campaign. He talked about providing all Americans with “affordable, quality health care” that would “cost less.” He said a “typical” family would save as much as $2,500 a year on its health care insurance premiums. Two weeks ago, he said he had provided legislators with an overview of what he wanted in a new health care system. He then said, “I’ll leave it to congress to work out the details.”

In other words, he knew what he wanted to have, but he didn’t know how or what it would take to get it. He didn’t know then and he doesn’t know now what “his” new health care system will cost or what benefits it will provide to taxpayers who will foot the bill.

Obama supporters who refuse to challenge or even question anything Mr. Obama says are likely to be sorely disappointed with their lives if the congress does not reign in their free-spending, Bush-blaming president. They will soon come to realize that he does not have a magic wand that he can wave and, POOF!, all our problems will disappear. They won’t.

It is not necessary or productive to condemn the president, nor will we gain anything by condemning the former president. What is necessary is to study and understand the issues we must confront and step up to the plate to help deal with them. We can wait for future historians to apportion the blame for our problems. But if we continue to play the blame game as though the problems are sitting outside waiting patiently for us to address them, they will only get worse.

There has been a lot of talk about “free” college. But it’s not going to be free. Somebody is going to have to pay for it, and the students will also pay, by devoting four years of their lives to school rather than work. A college education is supposed to lead to a higher lifetime income than a high school diploma. But if that historical reality is to continue, we must create those jobs. That’s not going to happen if we don’t pull together and help our country to recover from the abyss we are in. If we don’t do that, many of our future college graduates are going to be the best educated people in the line outside the soup kitchen.

I know a whole lot more than that. So what? There isn’t a politician within the United States with the spine to do anything about it. Ben Franklin was asked after returning from Philadelphia if he had given us a monarchy or republic. Republic, he said. If you are strong enough to hold it. It has become obvious that this generation has failed that test.

joshua W last time I looked it was not sound economically sound to print money with nothing to back it up.And it is still no excuse for the insanity of Obama’s tax and spend frenzy. Do yopeoplele even realize that you are going to be taxed for eating junk food, drinking alcohol, drinking soft drinks there will be new hidden taxes on your power bills, and that is just the tip of the tax iceberg. And you thought Obama was just going to tax the wealthy. Koolaid must induce a delusional state of mind. Glad I didn’t get hooked

lol with a bankrupt country that;s quite a trick to have a credit. What they don:t say is barry spent trillions in a few weeks and nothing went to the economy. wow the bs is knee deep/

Are you a man or a mouse or a women ? Gossip is not a good thing, especially if the comments are not true. I used to think women were the biggest, nastiest Gossips, but I found out today from your question that I was Wrong.

Yes, I knew it. Democrats are hypocrites who have no guiding peinciples. They hate Republicans because they hate Republicans. It’s circular. They love Obama because they love Obama. Again it is circular. It matters not what their Lord Obama does, even when he out-Bushes Bush.

Where did all the screaming media moguls go? The ones who were criticizing Bush day and night for his spending?

Don’t get me wrong, Bush really screwed up our economy by too much government interference.

But Obama is digging the grave of our prosperity.

While the masses cheer him on.

yes, i was aware. thank you for spreading the truth to more people. if anyone knew any solid facts about bush vs. obama, our country would be in a much better place. and bush would be thanked for what he’s done, rather than whiny liberals complaining about him and his policies.
ps. your username is awesome.

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