Do you consider “Retired Americans” in the Philippines lazy?

I understand a 70 year old person who is not able to move or lift anything or is too old to work and is unable to support themselves financially. That makes sense for someone to be retired.

However, there are lots of Americans who are retired early in the Philippines. Lets face it, Social Security isn’t…

Let’s put it this way. The breed of American (that has not yet reached full retirement age) that most pinoys encounter in the Philippines don’t necessarily represent the typical American in terms of outlook and mindset.

Most Americans who live in the US are born and bred to work their arses off even into their 60’s. It is considered shameful and lazy to not follow this standard. This is kind of an offshoot of the country’s puritanistic origins more than a matter of race; whites, browns, yellows and black Americans most collectively share this lifestyle (especially immigrants), and I believe plays in large part to the great economic success the USA, even in tough economic times, has enjoyed for almost 3 centuries.

Although there are a few younger American expats living in the Philippines embodying this attitude as well, I have noticed that a significant portion of American expats in the Philippines, not of retirement age, are shall we say outliers in the Bell Curve of mainstream American society.

They are not as driven as their mainland counterparts to join the rat race of the American productivity train nor the desire to live out the traditional American dream of owning a decent home and raising a family. Some expats have no problem keeping a subservient wife and having no kids living in a rented apartment served by maids, whiling away the days earning a pittance of a passive income while knocking back a few brewskis in the middle of the day at some bar.

You can call it lazy if you wish but in the Philippines, this may just be par for the course. Again, just my empirical observations over the years.

well probably they also want something different!, let’s face it!, even about the luxurious life in the US…some americans tend to think that they want to get away with it, and take something different and somewhat unpredictable and exciting….

i asked some foreigners on why they are here in the philippines?

majority said that, they want to get far away and do something different…in short na-bobored na sila,

plus….Philippines and US are quite alike, because of the “Colony”, both understand and speak english, know american culture, standard of education…etcetera etcetera,

so…it could also been the reason why, they would give up the priviledge and luxury of living in the US for a “3rd world country”

its like they leave home….

feel at home sila dito eh, anung magagawa mo?.

Let me share my story … Last December , I was in the province and a group of children came up to me ( a retired american) and began carolling . I gave them all some money … some left , some stayed a while and one asked me to buy her some shoes … I asked her where her father was . She replied he was in the house asleep .
I have had to work for many years for my retirement , but some Filipinos have done nothing but beg auntie (the OFW ) to send money for karaoke machine or to start a kareoke bar .

many americans like me started working at a very young age,myself 14 years old,pension’s especially social security aren’t charity,we’ve paid for that all our working lives.its better not to judge what you don’t know about.retired americans are an asset to the philippine economy,are you?

Even if they retired at an early age, they are retired. And as long as they pay their bills they have a right to lay back and do nothing if that’s what they want to do.

No, they are just smart.

After having worked well, they can not be begrudged for finding the best way to spend their well-deserved pension.

some people work their butt off to enjoy early retirement. it’s not laziness, it’s a well-deserved permanent break. they can now say “been there/done that”. let them be!

I much prefer motivationally challenged it doesn’t hurt that many Filipinas are hot.

No. They are just enjoying the last days of their lives.


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