Does anyone really ever laugh out loud when they type lol?

I never use lol because I never literally laugh. I always will just use ha or haha.

Yes, often or at least smiling greatly.

Not much… I have a nickname between me and my best friend online – Random Laughing Boy… I might type lol or haha but I’m not usually laughing, therefore it is very random.

I’ve laughed out loud a few times.
But normally when I type “LOL” I’m not actually laughing out loud, it’s just kind of a space filler for me, it lightens the conversation.
Ya know?

some times

Haha means laughing too..!

Yeah if I really laughed out loud I write LOL

lol is just like when you pause and laugh in a sentence… confuzing

Sometimes when I type lol I am actually laughing.

I lol when I lol. You should laugh whenever the urge strikes you. It’s good for your health. Literally.

not most of the time for example i was texting my friend and she said “LoL! wow i actually laughed out loud!” so most of the time no but in that case yes.

Yes there have been a few times on here I almost starting crying I was laughing so hard.

i write lol when there is nothing to say but when i write hahaha or looooool or lmao then that means i am laughing out loud lol

does anyone really Roll on the floor laughing out loud when they type ROFL?

you get the point.

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